Are you a slave or a master?

There are two types of people in this world:

Slaves & Masters

Some people are born to be slaves and some people are born to be masters.

But a born slave has the power to set himself free, but most are blind to this power.

See, we are not talking about real slavery like the so called “transatlantic slave trade”. No, we are discussing mental slavery.

It is a matter of will that separates a slave and a master.

The man with the strong will is a master. But the weak willed man will forever be a slave… Unless he takes control.

You see, being a slave or being a master is a mind state.

It is your choice to live a life of slavery or a life of mastery. It is your decisions that determine your fate. It is your own vices that enslave you, and it is your own virtues that set you free.

You cannot be free whilst living inside of a mental prison. The man who is behind bars in his mind will never be satisfied, even in the laps of luxury.

The man who’s mind flows freely is always content and experiences the utmost bliss whether he is in a palace or a prison cell.

With this said, we live in a system that is designed to enslave you and keep you trapped.

We are indoctrinated through the governments, the school system, Hollywood programming and even religions to work and consume and go into debt to buy more stuff.

We have been conditioned to always need more and never be satisfied. We are programmed to spend our life as worker bees for soulless corporations who do not care about you one bit. And then we throw all the money on the junk that they convince us to buy.

Debt enslaves you financially, keeping your mind worrying day in day out.

The media hypnotises you and puts you into a trance- a state of mind control. This turns you into a puppet to the puppet masters. There is a reason it’s called television “programming”. Because it programmes you. (Wording is not an accident)

Addiction and compulsions enslave you to substances, gluttony and lust. As a result you are always left feeling empty.

It is up to you to set your mind free. Unlock the shackles that enslave your mind, and throw away the key.

Stop listening to things that do not empower you. Stop allowing others to control your mind. Take control and become free as a bird.

Let go of everything you have been taught and listen to the one true source of wisdom- your INSTINCT.

All the answers can be found inside. SALVATION IS FOUND WITHIN. It cannot be found WITHOUT. Stop seeking external validation for everything.

Make your choice. It’s up to you after all.

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  1. Freedom is a daily struggle. We must take control of our selves. Nobody is coming to save us. Nice article Man. My motivation for today…

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