How to Source High Quality Meat

So you want to be healthy?

Well, you came to the right place.

So, as you know, in order to achieve great health you must eat the correct foods.

The correct foods are animal foods.

Meat, Fish, Eggs and Dairy provide the body with complete nutrition and great vigour.

The question is, how can we find good quality animal food?

You can be fairly healthy on supermarket meat, but I cannot say it is ‘optimal’.

We don’t know where our food comes from when we shop at the supermarket.

We have no idea what that animal was fed or what was injected into it.

In order to ensure that you are investing your hard-earned money into high-quality nutritious foods, it is worth finding proper sources for proper food.

Look for Farmers Markets, Farm Shops and Local Ranchers who sell antibiotic-free, hormone-free, grass-fed, unvaccinated Animal Products. 

Buying directly from the farmer allows you a greater understanding of the quality of the food that you are buying and how the animals were raised. You can ask questions such as “do you vaccinate your animals?” etc.

Keep an eye out for farms and farmers markets near you. The extra time and money invested will pay you back in longevity, energy and keeping you out of the doctor’s office.

I’m just going to finish my raw milk and ribeye steak.

Have a nice day.




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