The Pillars of Health

Health is the greatest Wealth you can possess.

All healthy men are wealthy men. Even if they don’t have the gold.

A rich man without health is really a poor man in silk.

Abundant health and physical vigour is EVERYONE’s birthright.

Every being on earth is born to experience perfection.

Mother nature is always perfect. Follow the laws of nature and you will reach perfection.

Break the laws of nature and bad fortune awaits you.

Health is simply a matter of cause and effect.

You have complete control over your health.

The decisions you make today will impact your life tomorrow.

Smoking for many years leads to lung cancer. Smoking is the cause and lung cancer is the effect.

Drinking Alcohol for many years leads to liver cirrhosis. Alcohol is the cause and liver cirrhosis is the effect.

Eating excessive sugar leads to diabetes. Sugar is the cause and diabetes is the effect.

Take control of your own health. Stop blaming things that you cannot see. 

There are 3 things everyone blames when they suffer health problems:

  • Genetics
  • Germs
  • God

You will notice that these 3 things are ideas that are out of our personal control. When people use these things as an excuse, they are saying that they just have bad luck and cannot do anything.

I am here to tell you- this mindset is a loser’s mentality. Sickness and Disease is a result of YOUR CHOICES. Stop blaming things that are outside of your control. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL.

Here is a few important points:

  • Germs DO NOT cause disease In fact, germs and viruses are created by your body in reaction to a poor environment, toxins, chemicals and malnutrition. The symptoms of disease are your bodies way of detoxifying and eliminating toxins and chemicals etc. See- The Germ Theory Deception . Therefore in order to prevent disease, you must focus on proper nutrition and environmental factors. Simply using sanitisers and avoiding dirty things will not keep you free from illness; this is because you do not catch germs (that is the boogeyman that makes you fearful.)
  • Genetic Factors are a result of your mother’s diet (especially during pregnancy), and the diet that you were fed as a child. Certain undesirable genes can be passed on through families, however, it is dependent on your environment and nutrition to determine whether they will be activated. It is common for families to have the same health conditions due to the same dietary and lifestyle habits- this is not due to ‘genetics’, but by inherited behaviours and similar living conditions.
  • God (or Mother Nature) does not make you sick as a joke or as a punishment. If you follow the laws that nature has laid out, you will be perfectly healthy and vibrant.

So what must be done in order to experience true health? In fact, it is very simple. Living your life in the way nature intended would lead to health and strength by design. However, due to living in modern society, a lot of us have forgotten the simple laws of nature.

The Pillars of Health: Sun, Earth, Air, Water, Food, Sleep, Movement, Grounding


Sunlight provides energy to not only plants but also to animals and humans. It is of great importance to spend as much time as possible in the sunshine to provide your body with vital UV rays and Vitamin D.

Sunshine is powerful medicine and reduces depression, stress and anxiety, as well as increasing energy and brightening the mood. Sunbathing and also sungazing are very beneficial to health. Although, it is not a good idea to burn yourself if it really is too hot for your body.

Sunshine will not damage your skin as long as you are eating lots of raw animal fats. It is usually a deficiency of animal fats and the use of sunscreens (containing toxic chemicals) that leads to skin cancers.

Sungazing is simply looking at the sun. This is often done as the sun rises and the sunsets. It has been known to improve and oftentimes heal the eyesight and improve light sensitivity. Sungazing is something that I personally do and have noted benefits. I recommend starting with just a few seconds per day and gradually increasing until you can look at the sun for a minute or so.


Electrons travel from the earth through your feet into your body. Wearing shoe blocks this electrical connection.

Walking barefoot on natural surfaces is known as ‘Earthing’ and results in an electric connection between you and the earth. It is very important to spend time barefoot.


Without oxygen, you will die very quickly. We live in a symbiotic world where the plants provide us with oxygen and we provide the plants with carbon dioxide.

It is very important to breathe properly. This means breathing through your nose and into the diaphragm. Breathing through the nose is important as the nose acts as a filter, therefore reducing the amount of dust and pollutants that you breathe in.

Mouth breathing has also been linked to brain fog and also poor facial development. The mouth is meant to be closed, with your tongue resting on the roof of your mouth. This is known as proper facial posture and tends to be dependent on proper nutrition as a child.

Deep belly breathing can be a useful method of ‘meditation’, supplying your brain with more oxygen and improving focus.


Contrary to popular belief, one should not drink too much water.

What you should do is drink when you feel thirsty. Your body will tell you what it needs, all you must do is listen.

Water is vital for the human body since it makes up 70% of our body, however, it is important to note that eating raw animal foods such as raw meat, raw eggs and raw milk will hydrate you even better than drinking H2O. The reason for this is due to the minerals and nutrients present in the food, resulting in greater nourishment of the cells.

It is important to have access to clean, mineral-rich water free from chemicals and toxins. This means spring water or well water, stored in glass bottles.


The correct food for humans is RAW MEAT. Animal foods such as meat, fish, eggs and raw dairy contain all the essential nutrients, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals the body needs. Plant foods do not contain the correct nutrients and are very difficult to digest. If you wish to eat plant foods, they require specific preparations such as soaking, fermenting and slow cooking in order to reduce the antinutrient content. However, plants are a highly inferior source of nutrition in comparison to meat.

The human body is perfectly designed to hunt animals and digest meat. All indigenous tribes prize animal foods and tend to be highly skilled at the art of hunting.

When you eat the foods that our body is designed to eat, you will experience perfect digestion, abundant energy, strength and great vigour for life. Base your diets around raw grass-fed red meat, sashimi, raw pastured eggs,  raw pastured milk products and seafood. Organ Meats and Fish Eggs are highly prized foods and contain the essential nutrients in high quantities. The liver is the most nutrient-dense food on earth.

Fermented foods are also very beneficial, such as dry-aged meat, aged cheeses, kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha. Because of the high bacterial content, these foods are excellent digestive tonics.


It is important to follow the natural circadian rhythm of the body. This means going to sleep when the sun sets and getting up as the sun rises. Humans are meant to sleep at nighttime and wake during the day- it is very simple.

Sleeping on the floor or a very firm mattress is very beneficial since it reflects the natural environment of sleeping on the grass. Soft mattresses kill your posture and result in back pain.


‘The world belongs to the energetic’- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Movement is an essential part of life. When an organism stops moving, it is either in hibernation or dead. Therefore, if you wish to be energetic you must move.

As humans, we are designed to walk and we are designed to lift. In order to maximise your physical fitness, it is recommended that you perform strength training exercise with weights or bodyweight along with lots of walking, hiking and some sprinting. This will give you a good balance of power and endurance.



Follow the laws of nature and you will be just fine. Health is your birthright and is really very simple to attain.

Work on building your foundation of Food, Water, Air, Sleep and Movement. Once you have the basics covered, you can focus on additional strategies.


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