3 Causes of Brain Fog (and what to do about it)

Brain fog is a problem that many people suffer from.

Being in a mental haze is so common, that people assume that it is the normal state of mind.

They use coffee, cigarettes and other stimulants to mask this mental fatigue.

But this does not resolve the root cause of the issue. In fact, it makes it worse in the long run. Using stimulants and sugar to keep going, eventually, leads to burnout and depression.

“Every Cause has its effect; Every Effect has its Cause; Everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognised; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law” -The Kybalion

So many people claim to be victims of this problem or that problem. They blame some mysterious force that is out of their control.


The reality is, NOTHING happens by chance. There must be a cause for there to be an effect. Nothing happens without a cause, but many people are blind to the cause of their effects.

When people are blind to the cause of their health problems, they run to the doctor. The doctor gives them pills. The pills act to mask their symptoms. But it will never CURE the problem since the cause of their symptoms has not been addressed.

There are a few simple causes that lead to brain fog. These include Smartphone Addiction, Sugar Consumption and Excessive Worry & Anxiety:


All carbohydrate foods turn into sugar in the body. These include doughnuts, cakes, cookies, pizza, pasta, rice, oats, beans, seeds, fruits, vegetables. Whether you eat a banana or a chocolate cake, you are eating SUGAR.

When you ingest carbohydrate foods, your pancreas releases insulin. This results in a rush similar to that of a drug high, followed by a crash and fatigue. As a result, carb eaters live in a constant cycle of blood sugar highs and lows.

The energy of a carb eater is never stable, therefore causing brain fog, fatigue and anxiety.

Sugar is the cause, brain fog and fatigue is the effect. Eliminate sugar and replace it with high-quality Animal Fats. Meat, Eggs and Dairy are the perfect foods for humans and will provide you with stable energy and mental clarity. 

The government food pyramid states that you should eat a high carb, moderate protein and low-fat diet. This food pyramid is a slave diet, designed to make you fat and stupid. To be healthy, you must turn this pyramid upside down. That is to eat high fat, moderate protein and low or zero carbohydrates.

Smartphone Addiction

Take a look around and you will clearly see that everyone is heavily addicted to their smartphones. Whether you like it or not, the smartphone is doing damage to our brains. Those programmers in silicon valley are working hard to make their apps and software as addictive as possible. They are using this technology to PROGRAM YOUR MIND.

These devices over stimulate your brain, resulting in a lack of focus and mental fog. Due to the addictive nature of these devices, people experience withdrawals when their phone runs out of battery for example. This causes a lot of anxiety and stress.

In order to regain control over your own mind and eliminate brain fog, you must cut down your smartphone usage. Ideally, you could purchase an old-style phone that works only for texts and calls. 

The worst digital content for your mental health include: Pornography, Social Media, Video Games, Television Shows and Pop Music. 

Technology should be used as a tool for business or study, not as a brain-frying entertainment device. Watch a movie here and there, play a game here and there. But do not waste your whole life on these things, as it is killing your brain. 

Worry & Anxiety

A lot of anxiety is caused via sugar, smartphone and drug addictions. By removing these, you should be fairly calm and clear. However, in many cases, there are other life stresses and traumatic experiences that lead to mental anxiety and worry.

Worry and fear are poison to the mind and prevent you from being calm, cool and collected. In order to overcome this, you can practise Meditation, Walking through Nature, listening to Binaural Beats, Exercising or using natural anti-anxiety supplements such as CBD Oil. 

Socialising is also very important for your mental health. When you are alone, you become stuck in your head. So go out to meet friends as often as you can. 


There you go. Stop blaming mysterious forces for your problems. Every cause has its effect. Learn what the cause is and you can solve the effect.

Follow the above steps and regain your mental clarity. You will not believe how productive you will become.

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