Your life is your life.

You can chose to do whatever you want to do.

No matter what anyone else says, it is up to you to do what you desire.

No person, book, video or article can change the way you live your life.

You may read something or watch something, then decide to make a change within your life.

But that then becomes a

It is YOU who steers the course of YOUR SHIP.

Don’t allow yourself to be offended by what other people say or by things that you read.

Simply chose whether the information you receive is something you want to apply to your life or not.

It is up to you.


Before accepting any form of knowledge as true, consult your inner voice. Your intuition will let you know whether something is right for you or not.

If someone tells you that having children is bad, but your instinct is to have children, who is right? Of course, your own instinct is correct. ALWAYS.

There may be many things that you partake in throughout life. Some may be considered good and some may be considered bad. At the end of the day, it is your decision and your responsibility.

If you want to do a ton of drugs and live life like a rockstar, then do it. But you must be willing to face any negative consequences as a result.

You cannot blame anyone else for your own mistakes.

If I say drugs have consequences, it is up to you to decide whether you care about that.

You can chose to live a life of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Maybe that’s what you were born to do.

But don’t blame anyone else when the drugs mess you up.

It was your choice and you have to face the consequences. This is the law of cause and effect.

You can chose how you want to live. Simply make a decision and take action.

Whatever you want to do in life, do it. Don’t expect anyone else to tell you. Don’t expect to find the answers in a book or a video or an article.

You can learn and obtain knowledge from many different sources, but it is up to YOU to decide what YOU want to believe and use.

Some of the advice I offer may not apply to you. That’s fine. Don’t get offended by it, simply make your choice and move on.

Do not waste your time being offended by other peoples ideas.

There is no need to become angry and defensive by someone else’s beliefs. It has no impact on your own life what others think.

It is only your reactions and choices that will effect your life.

So listen and learn, but always listen to your inner voice. Don’t take anything you read or hear as face value until you have thought about it yourself.

Make your own decisions and DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO. Whether that is positive or negative. No one can tell you otherwise.

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