Are you a Domesticated Human?

Everyone is always looking for something better.

They always look for complicated solutions and ‘advanced techniques’.

The thing is, the truth is always very simple.

In fact, true wisdom is so simple that a child can understand it.

When you ask a question and receive a long-winded, complicated answer that leaves you confused, they either do not know the answer or are trying to deceive you.

If something cannot be explained simply and clearly, it is phoney baloney.

This can be said for many things. In fact, it is a great trick of many con men.

Con men can sound sophisticated and smart with the use of fancy language. They speak in a way that makes no sense to a child, therefore you assume he must be some sort of genius.

The fact is that the man is trying to rob you and you are blind to what is going on right in front of your face.

Showmanship and distraction is how you deceive people. You subvert their attention to one thing, whilst you do another.

In fact, this whole society is run by con men and the media, in particular, is a great big show.

You subvert mans attention with bread and games, and he’ll be so distracted that he cannot see that he is being played.

This is the same with video games and television. These things act to subvert you from your true purpose.

When you are too busy lost in games and entertainment, how can you be prepared to defend yourself from tyrannical leaders.

In fact, most people in civilization are domesticated humans.

Tribal humans are in tune with nature and in tune with their instincts. They know how to fight, hunt and survive.

Domesticated, civilised humans do not know how to fend for themselves. They rely on the state to protect them and provide for them. They rely on the supermarkets for their food, they rely on the police for their safety and they rely on the news media for their ‘knowledge’.

As a result, cultivated peoples cannot think for themselves. They cannot hear their own inner voice. And they definitely can’t survive if they found themselves alone in the jungle.

Now, I am not saying Civilization is bad. I am simply pointing out the consequences of civilisation on the majority of people.

It is up to you whether you wish to be a master or a slave, a shepherd or a sheep.

You can be a domesticated farm animal, waiting to be sent to slaughter.

Or you can choose to reconnect to your true nature.

You can be the master that you were born to be.

Listen to your instincts. Learn fundamental survival skills. Know how to defend yourself. Become self-reliant and self-sufficient. Stop relying on the governments to protect you. Stop listening to the mainstream media propaganda.

Always remember, the truth is very simple. Your inner voice will guide you.

The sheep will keep looking for complicated answers for their simple problems.

They will continue to seek educated experts who rob them of their money and always leave them needing more. (more medicines, more drugs, more food, more stuff).

The master knows that less is more. The greedy and gluttonous fools will continue to eat and eat and buy and buy, yet never be satisfied. The master is always satisfied. The master needs no entertainment and is always blissful, whether he is in a prison or a palace.

Free your mind and you can live in heaven on earth. The mind of a slave is always in hell. The mind of the master is always calm and collected.

Remember, you are not physically shackled. You are FREE. It is you who creates your own mental prison.

Set yourself free from your mental prison. Pick up the key and open the door.

It is as simple as that.

Don’t be a victim to the con men who herd the sheep.


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