Unconventional Advice for Maximum Health

“Anything the medical Profession says, do the opposite 99% of the time and you’ll be right” Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

It seems that we live in a world where common sense ain’t so common.

People would rather listen to so-called ‘authorities’ rather than their own intuition and their own feelings.

They outsource everything to other people. They outsource their health to doctors and they outsource their mind to politicians.

All you have to do is walk outside and you will see that conventional wisdom is not so wise.

Everywhere, I see lifeless people. Fat, Sick and nearly dead describes the average person who follows conventional advice.

They follow the advice of the schools and universities, and they become worker bees with debt up to their eyeballs.

They follow the government guidelines for nutrition, ‘the food pyramid’. And as a result, they become fat, weak and stupid.

It is a nasty trick the ‘government’ and ‘medical industry’ play on you when they advise you to subsist on ‘grains’, like farm animals. However, it is your own damn fault for ignoring your instincts about food and outsourcing your health to people who do not have your best interests in heart.

The food companies sell you grain and cereals, telling you it is ‘good for you’. Then, as you get sicker, you are simply told that it is a result of ‘ageing’ or ‘genetics’ or ‘bad luck’. Then, the doctor will come along and offer you some pills.


A drug will do nothing for you but mask your symptoms. Stop hiding away from pain and face reality. Face your problems, Stop relying on PILLS like a FOOL. Start listening to mother nature.

Open your eyes, sleeper and wake up to reality. Mother nature made no mistake when she created food and God made no mistake when he made man.

Nature will provide.

Follow the laws of nature and you will be healthy, vigorous and free.

Follow the laws of man, and you will be a fattened up slave.

Without further ado, here are the unconventional guidelines to maximum health (AKA the opposite of the government guidelines):

Eat Raw Meat

Yes, I know. You’ve been told all your life that raw meat will kill you and give you parasites. That is how they deceive you, by creating an invisible boogeyman. Since you were a child, you were told that ‘bacteria’ is evil and must be killed and sterilised. They did not tell you that ‘sterile’ means dead, and food devoid of bacteria will kill you. In fact, bacteria are necessary for life.

Raw meat is the natural food for humans. It will infuse you with abundant energy, strength and mental clarity. Stop eating a slave diet of grains and vegetables. Start eating lots of meat and fish like a human being. There is a reason rich people eat Steak and Caviar, whereas the poor eat vegetable soup.

Make sure to source high-quality animal products from local farms, farmers markets and maybe health food stores. It is becoming harder to rely on supermarkets to provide us with healthy foods these days. Almost everything has had chemical interference. Go to the source and you will be abundantly healthier than the jokers at the grocery stores.

Drink Only Spring or Well Water

Again, the ‘authorities’ tell you that tap water is perfectly safe. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not safe. In fact, there are tons of poisonous chemicals in tap water.

In particular, there is a substance in tap water called ‘fluoride’. This substance has historically been used to control populations. Fluoride makes people docile and easy to manipulate. In fact, Hitler used fluoride in the water at the concentration camps, to keep the prisoners from fighting back.

Drink only water from mother earth. Either from springs or from wells. Water is vital to life. Either drink water that kills, or water that heals. Other than water, I recommend drinking raw milk, raw cream and raw eggs as these are filled with natural minerals and electrolytes.

Drink Raw Eggs like Rocky

Rocky was probably drinking raw eggs because he couldn’t afford a frying pan, but there is an actual reason to drink your eggs raw. Eggs are natures protein shake and natures multivitamin. They contain basically every nutrient necessary for humans.

Uncooked eggs are much easier to digest than cooked eggs as the proteins and enzymes have not been denatured. Drinking raw eggs saves you time and saves you from having to clean up. Drinking raw eggs is an excellent way to maximise your nutrition and aid your muscle development.

Many old school bodybuilders drank a lot of raw eggs, raw cream and raw milk to pack on rock-solid muscle and strength.

Stop Eating Vegetables, Fruits and Grains

Vegetables, fruits and grains are completely unnecessary for human health. If you live on vegetables you will become a vegetable and if you live on just fruit you will be fruity. Not to mention, most vegetables and fruits nowadays are sprayed with poisonous chemicals called pesticides and herbicides.

Eat meat like a man. Humans are hunters, we are not herbivores and never have been. All indigenous tribes prize animal foods. Plant foods are only eaten when animal foods are limited. Grains, in particular, are slave foods. This has been well documented throughout history. The kings eat the meat, whilst they feed the peasants wheat.

Plants are medicine, meat is food. In small doses, certain plants can be used to make medicinal tinctures and teas. However, stuffing your face with high carbohydrate plant foods such as grains, vegetables, fruits and beans simply slows you down and clouds your mind.

A zero carbohydrate or ketogenic carnivorous diet will give you maximum energy and maximum mental clarity, with less waste (when you eat a lot of fibre, there is a lot of undigested plant matter).

Sleep on the Floor

Sleeping on soft mattresses makes you soft (aka weak). In fact, people who sleep on luxurious, cosy beds are the ones always complaining about back pain; whereas a tribal man who sleeps on the floor is strong and flexible.

In nature, humans would sleep on the ground. The ground is much harder than a mattress. You can replicate this in your home by sleeping on a yoga mat. As a result, you will experience greater posture and flexibility. Many people report waking up more energized when they sleep on the floor. Even better, would be to sleep outdoors in a tent, hammock or wooden cabin.

Always be in tune with nature. This means honouring your biological clock and circadian rhythms by going to sleep when the sun goes down and waking up when the sun comes up. It is so simple, but so many people ignore the simple truths of life.

Dopamine Fasting

The majority of mental disorders are a result of some form of addiction. These include drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, pornography, social media, television, video games, junk food, sugar and smartphones.

All these things create the problem that they then pretend to fix. This creates a neverending state of mental anxiety and frustration. For example, smoking cigarettes creates the craving to smoke which then temporarily eliminates your anxiety, until you start craving it again. As a result, all addictions leave you in a negative cycle, leading to depression and fatigue.

All these ‘short term pleasures’, including social media and video games, give you a quick hit of dopamine in the brain. Over time, these pleasure centres in your brain desensitize. As a result, you need more and more to get the same results. This explains why people end up smoking 50 cigarettes per day, or scroll on social media for 10 hours per day, or play video games all night long. The more you use these things, the more you need to satisfy yourself. Therefore, when you chase short term pleasure, you are NEVER EVER SATISFIED, leaving you unfulfilled and depressed.

Take 30 days off all dopamine releasing activities and your mind will become free. You will gain mental clarity and MOTIVATION like you have never experienced before.

BEWARE: there will be withdrawal symptoms. No matter what, push through. You must go through hell to get to heaven.

For 30 days eliminate:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Caffeine
  • Junk Food
  • Sugar
  • Pornography
  • Video Games
  • Television
  • Social Media
  • Smartphone

Semen Retention

The doctors tell us that masturbation is healthy and prevents cancer blah blah blah.

In fact, every time you ejaculate, you are throwing away your seed. It is your semen that contains all the building blocks to create a new life. If you constantly release this into a tissue in a dark room watching other people have sex on your computer, you are making a big mistake.

All the ancients and spiritual masters knew about this great secret. In France, ejaculation is known as ‘the little death’ referencing to the fact that every time you ejaculate, you lose a part of yourself.

Allow this vital energy to build up in your body and you will experience great power and vigour.

Stop masturbating and watching porn. Use your energy for something greater. Build a business. Build your body. Build a family. Travel the world. Go do something! Make something happen, instead of throwing all your life force down the drain.


We live in an unnatural environment these days. You must TAKE CONTROL of your own health. It is your responsibility to stay in a good physical and mental and spiritual state.

Train your body and lift weights. Eat high-quality animal foods and lots of raw saturated fat. Go to sleep when the sun goes down and wake up as the sun comes up. Take contrast showers. Stay clean and well-groomed. Get out of the cities and into the mountains. Follow the laws of nature and experience the bliss and joy life has to offer.

It’s up to you. Either follow conventional wisdom and have a conventional body and conventional mind.

Or follow extraordinary wisdom for an extraordinary life.

Make your choice.

Have a nice day.


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