Get Off Your Smartphone

I have 1 piece of advice for you.

Throw your smartphone in the river and never look back.

Why should you do this, you ask?

Because the smartphone is holding you back in life.

Your smartphone is robbing you of your focus and clarity.

Your addiction to the internet is killing your attention span.

When you are lost in the virtual reality of endless scrolling, you are blind to what is going on around you.

You cannot see what is right in front of your face, because your damn phone is always in the way.

The Smartphone is BLOCKING your INTUITION.

An overabundance of external information and stimulation eliminates your ability to think for yourself.

When you are consuming social media and online content, you are lost in someone else’s world.

The more you rely on external sources of information, the less you rely on your own INNER VOICE.

The truth is that your own intuition or inner voice is ALWAYS RIGHT.

Your intuition, or gut feeling, will guide you and will never, ever lead you astray.

The mind is a liar. The mind is constantly swayed by ideas and outside influences.

But your Spirit KNOWS the truth.

The mind likes to play tricks on you. One day, you believe one thing, then the next you read something and then your mind changes.

Your INTUITION is always solid and is never fooled by so-called ‘knowledge’.


It is the constant search for knowledge that is preventing you from gaining true wisdom.

If you simply stop searching and start listening, it may just come to you…

Stop searching without, for salvation is found within. 

Stop blocking your INNER VOICE.

Eliminate all the distractions.

Get off the smartphone.

Get off social media.

Turn off the television.

Turn off the video games.

Stop numbing your mind with drugs and alcohol.

Stop searching for answers in books

Take some time away from the so-called ‘knowledge’.

Start listening to your own INTUITION.

You already know what to do.

All you got to do is LISTEN.

Ask it a question, and you will receive the answer.


But I guess that’s for you to find out, don’t take my word.

Have a great day.



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  1. This needed to be said and I couldn’t agree more! I parted ways with my smart phone in April 2018 and haven’t looked back.

    Since I started using a flip phone (which I feel like I barely need) I have noticed a huge shift in my longer term focus and have felt more connected to my mind and body than the daze of the 7+ years as a smartphone user.

    It’s wild to think how much control of our body we cede to our smart phones and despite its benefits, I’ve realized that I just can’t control the device in the way I felt was healthy for me.

    This is not an easy conclusion to accept, and most people will never be able to break the chains for reasons X, Y, and Z, but if you are reading this now and have been thinking of ditching your smartphone but are struggling to do it remember this line from Meso’s article:

    The Smartphone is BLOCKING your INTUITION.

    You can do it.

    • Excellent comment Alex. It is very true that the smartphone seems to end up taking control over the users mind, making it seemingly impossible to part from the device.

      It is only when you stop using the smartphone for a while that you realise that you never really needed it in the first place.

      P.S. I am very much enjoying the marketers delight theme, it has massively improved the aesthetic of my website!

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