6 Ways To Live More Naturally

Almost everything about modern life will kill you. The air is polluted, the water is full of chemicals and the food is made in factories. Staring at screens kills our eyes. Eating fast food makes us fat. Being exposed to toxins gives us cancer and disease.

Therefore, you must take daily action in order to keep yourself as healthy and as natural as possible. If you were born into a tribe in the wild, then you are already living naturally. If you grew up in modern society, you have to take a conscious effort to regain your health and vitality.

Eat Raw Meat, Raw Eggs and Raw Dairy

In order to gain life, you must eat life. If you eat only vegetables, you will become a ‘vegetable’. The natural human diet consists of predominantly raw (and some cooked) animal foods. These foods such as beef, goat, lamb, eggs, caviar, liver, heart, kidney, butter, cream and cheese contain all the essential nutrients required for maximum health. Plant foods lack the fat-soluble vitamins and are full of anti-nutrients. The human digestive system is highly inefficient at digesting vegetation, and as a result, these foods such as grains, legumes, vegetables and some fruits will cause damage to your body over time.

All processed foods, grains, vegetables, legumes, beans and seeds should be completely outlawed if you desire perfect health and functioning. Some wild fruits and nuts may be consumed occasionally, in season. However, they are not necessary whatsoever. Fish Roe (Caviar) and Organ Meats (Liver, Kidney, Heart, Brain) are the most prized foods and have extremely high levels of nutrients. Consuming these foods, in small amounts, regularly will ensure that all the right vitamins are flowing through your body.

Base your diet around raw meats, raw eggs, raw dairy products and some seafood. This will give you maximum energy, clarity and vitality. Make sure to source good quality foods- Grass Fed Meats, Wild Caught Fish, Pastured Eggs, Organic Raw Dairy Products. Your calories should come from at least 60% Fats, with the rest from Proteins, and a minimal amount from carbohydrates. Animal Saturated Fat is the holy grail of health. When your carbohydrates are restricted below 20grams per day, you will become fat adapted. This means that your body will be using Fats for energy. That is, either the fats that you eat or the fat from your body. As a result, you will experience stable energy and a clear mind throughout the day. When following the natural human diet, everything will balance out and your body will gradually adjust to its natural weight and composition. 

Drink Only Pure Mineral Water

Tap water is poison. There are tons of chemicals, contaminants and fluoride in most tap water. These toxins will build up in the body and kill you slowly. It is very important to only drink pure water. When eating a diet of raw meat and raw eggs, you will find that you do not need as much water. This is due to meat and eggs containing a lot of water themselves. It is only when you cook food that the water seeps out. As a result of eating a diet high in cooked foods, you will have a much greater water requirement.

With that said, it is still important to drink some water. The quality of your water is what is important. Water should give you vitality, not take it away from you. Find a good source of spring mineral water, or invest in a very high-quality water filtration system. Only drink out of glass or stainless steel bottles. Plastic contains various harmful chemicals such as BPA. These chemicals will leach into your water and into your bloodstream. 

Sleep On The Floor

Most people with bad backs also seem to sleep on soft mattresses. Although it may be comfortable sleeping on a soft bed, it does not mean that it is painless.

Sleeping on the floor will do wonders for your posture and your recovery. You will wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning. You won’t want to lounge in bed for hours when you wake up, instead, you will take on the day. 

Many cultures actually sleep on the floor as part of their normal life. For example, the Japanese sleep on ‘Tatami’ mats. It also makes a lot of sense, as in nature beds do not exist. Sleeping on the ground is the natural way to sleep. Even better would be to sleep outside, in a tent.

Brush Your Teeth With Baking Soda. Wash Your Hair With Eggs. Shave your Face with Shea Butter. 

Almost all personal care products you can buy are poison. Look at the back of the bottles and you will see a list of chemicals, all made in a laboratory. There is no way that putting factory-made chemicals on your skin or hair will have any benefit. In fact, hygiene products such as shampoos, conditioners, body wash, toothpaste etc. are one of the biggest scams out there. Even the so-called ‘natural’ products contain a large list of unnecessary ingredients.

Baking Soda is 100% Natural and extremely cheap. It can be used to brush your teeth and be used as a deodorant. To clean your teeth, simply sprinkle some baking soda on your toothbrush and add a little water. Then brush as normal.

Cracking an egg to wash your hair is 100X better than any man-made shampoo. I have found that it leaves my hair not only soft but also strong and with a nice glow to it. Just make sure to wash it with cool water, so the egg does not cook on your head.

If you like to clean your skin and hands, use a 100% natural bar soap made with natural oils. Shaving your face simply requires some natural oils such as shea butter in order to act as a lubricant.

Throw Away The Smartphone

The Smartphone is the #1 killer of focus and creativity. It acts as a constant distraction that removes you from the present and into the virtual reality. With smartphones, you have a neverending supply of information and stimulation. You could spend your whole life scrolling endlessly. Or you could throw your smartphone off a cliff and go back to using an old school dumb phone.

A phone should be used for texts, and call/ The smartphone is like carrying a computer with you everywhere, never allowing you to truly be free from your work, emails and social media. When you break free from your smartphone addiction, you will find that your mind becomes clear and you regain your ability to focus. Without the constant distractions and scrolling, you will be able to come back to reality and see what is right in front of your face.

Commit to only using a phone for texts and calls. If you need to do research, check e-mails or work online- only do these things on a computer with complete focus. 

Get away from the Cities. Get back to Mother Nature

It is vital that you get back to nature and reconnect with the source. It is only in nature that you can experience true happiness and true bliss. Life in the city is a fast, but short life. The city is full of toxic pollution, toxic water and toxic food which will kill you slowly. There is only one main use of the city- to make money. Other than that, it is pure poison to the human. When you take humans away from their natural environment full of trees and put them in filthy, grey concrete jungles they become depressed, lonely and sick.

Go out to the forest, the mountains or the islands. Go hiking, camping, fishing and hunting. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the beauty that mother nature supplies. 

Fresh Air, Sunshine, Exercise, Good Food and Pure Water is the best medicine you can get. Living a natural life will keep you healthy, wealthy and wise; free from the disease and depression that most people in the modern world suffer.

Mother Nature makes no mistakes. Follow the laws she has set and you will be just fine. Break them, and goodbye to you…

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