Money Is Not Real

Money isn’t real.

It is simply a number on a screen, pieces of paper.

Money is a man-made construct, simply an idea. It is an invention.

It is made out of thin air and released into the “economy”.

When you work a job and you get paid, you simply get more numbers added to your screen.

You then send those numbers away in exchange for products or services.

You sell a product or service for this paper. Then you use this paper to buy other products or services.

It is all a big game. A clever trick. Everyone is so busy chasing the paper and the numbers on the screen, that they forget that they are playing a game.

They start to believe that the game is real.

But what can you do?

We are all part of this game, whether we like it or not.

Money simply represents a stored value. In the past, humans traded goods for other goods. Such as trading 3 chickens for 1 goat. Money was created to take the place of trading items/animals. Instead, you do some work or sell your goods and you receive some coins. Then with these coins, you can pay someone else to do some work, or buy some goods from someone else using the coins as the medium.

In this system we live in, someone who has made a lot of money represents someone who has created a lot of value for others has done a lot of work, has sold a lot of products, or has done something extraordinary, in order to generate a large amount of “stored value”.

The more stored value (money) you have, the greater the number of options you have. In this game, money gives you control and the ability to come and go as you please.

Of course, money is not real. But since we have all decided that the number 1 means of trade in the modern world is money, having a lot of it will allow you more freedom and more options.

Don’t waste your stored value on pointless material possessions.

Advertising is designed to make you believe that you need something that you absolutely do not need in reality. If you spend the money as fast as you are earning it, you are buying short term novelty. But if you allow your stored value to grow, you will eventually reach a point where you have so much of it that you can do anything and buy anything you want without a problem.

Always remember the truth- money is not real.

All you need in this life is food, water, shelter and family.

Other than that, all the toys and cars and clothes are just a bit of fun and often act to prevent you from developing true wealth.

In this game, the winners are the ones who become wealthy first, then buy all the toys they want.

Making money and building wealth is simply a game.

Money simply allows you more options and greater control over your circumstances.

But, always remember, A strong family is a real wealth in this world.

Become wealthy, my friend. Win the Game.

Have a nice day.


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