30 Days of Discipline Review

There is one trait that every man must have.

This trait is called DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is what builds a mans confidence, will power and self-respect.

Discipline is how a man achieves greatness and gets what he wants out of life.

Without discipline, a man is lost and has no focus.

Without the discipline to eat the right foods, you will become out of shape.

Without the discipline to train your body, you will lack strength.

Without financial discipline, you will be broke.

Without the discipline to avoid bad habits, you will lose yourself in vices.

You see friends, it is through DISCIPLINE you gain FREEDOM.

Yes, being disciplined is how you develop the body of your dreams, attain the riches you desire and develop a mind free of confusion.

Before I developed self-discipline, I was a LOSER. I was skinny and weak. I was a slave to vices. I went to bed too late and spent my days tired. I had no direction or goals in life.

Once I started practising discipline EVERY DAMN DAY, I became a WINNER. I developed a strong, muscular body. I got my finances in order. I eliminated my addictions and cultivated a clear, calm mind. I became focused and highly motivated to achieve greatness and improve my life. 

It is only through consistent daily efforts, that you will maintain your body, mind and soul. A lack of discipline is a disease of the modern man. Due to an easy, comfortable life, a modern man does not have to develop character and toughness. Through the abundance of instant gratification and lack of physical activity, men become soft.

Developing self-discipline is the CURE. Discipline is the key to unlock the door to greatness.

In order to gain discipline, you must TAKE ACTION.

Implementing certain habits every single day will help you to develop unbreakable discipline:

  • Waking Up Early
  • Taking Cold Showers
  • Daily Exercise
  • Daily Grooming, Showering & Shaving
  • Following a Proper Diet
  • Reading Books
  • Dressing Your Best Every Day
  • Quitting Drugs and Alcohol
  • Quitting Addictions to Media

If you want to become a man of discipline and change your life, I highly recommend reading and following 30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride from boldanddetermined.com.

30 Days of Discipline is a plan of action for anyone who wishes to become disciplined. I have followed it many times over the years and it has served me very well. Any time that I begin to lack discipline, I always refer back to this book.

In the book, the author presents to you a straight to the point guide designed to develop unbreakable self-discipline.

If you are someone who is always procrastinating and is not quite getting what you want out of life, this book will give you the tools necessary to make a change in your life. 

As long as you follow the book, step by step, you will change your life. That is a guarantee.

It certainly did for me. 



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  1. 30 Days of discipline changed my life 5 years ago.

    Before that I was a slob, a time waster, and didn’t finish things I started.

    Now I am not a quitter, I finish what I start, and will do great things in the future.

    My business has launched, I’m making 300 EUR per month now, and probably more next month.

    I wish you all the best in health, wealth, and relationships!

    Keep it going mate, your articles are getting better and better.

    It is a long and lonely road to the top but that’s why there is so few winners.


    – Sebastian

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