Stop Living in a Box

You are not your job. You are not your car. You are not your bank account balance. You are not your house.

You are an immortal spirit that has been here since the dawn of existence and will be here for eternity. But….

You live in a house, which is a box. You drive in a car, which is a box. You work in an office, which is a box. You stare at a computer, which is a box, all day.

So you basically spend your existence on gods green earth inside boxes, like a prisoner. (‘But I’m Free, I get paid’ you say)

For What?

For Money.

Money is paper. Paper is made from trees. So money grows on trees.

But, instead, you chose to spend your life in a box rather than picking the money off the trees.

Kind of funny isn’t it.

Ever thought that your house is really just an expensive, luxury prison cell?

You have a big box to live in. Great. Now pay X amount paper every month to be inside this box.

Go to work every day inside the office box to get the numbers in my bank to pay to live in my box.

Follow orders from someone you call ‘boss’ every day. Sit in a cubicle under fluorescent lights every day. For what? 2 weeks holiday a year. What kind of deal is that? Oh, you are saving for a pension and looking forward to retiring at 70 years old? Oh great. Sounds like a good deal. Work for 50 years, 2 weeks holiday on a beach each year. Then when you’re 70 years old you will have all the time in the world to have fun. Swell.

Kind of funny isn’t it.

Oh and you are reading this on your computer, which is a very thin and streamlined box. Still a rectangle though.

Get your ass out of the damn boxes and go OUTSIDE!  Or just be a slave forever, be a good boy and sit in your fucking box.

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