How to Control Your Own Mind

98 out of every 100 men will drift through life.

98 out of every 100 men will allow life to push them around.

Life will happen to them. They will have no control over the outcome.

Only 2 out of every 100 men will take control over their own life and their own mind.

You see, most men do not have control over their own mind. In fact, they have given away control to outside influences.

They have allowed their school educators, their religious teachers, their mainstream media and their government to infect their minds with lies and propaganda.

These outside influences prevent men from being able to think for themselves. They can no longer think with accuracy and clarity due to the useless and deceptive knowledge that has been forced into their minds.

The propaganda of the media and the government acts to create fear in your mind. Once you are infected with fear, the devil will take control of your mind and cause havoc in your life.

It is only the man who has self-control and self- discipline that will maintain control over his own mind.

The devil will constantly tempt you with narcotics, liquor, cigarettes, sex, fame, fortune. He will deceive you and lure you in with bribery and promises of pleasure and riches. Most men will give in to such temptations, and lose himself in the grips of the devil. Bad habits are how the devil gets you. First, you start smoking. Then you start drinking. Eventually, you become completely reliant on the vices the devil provided you.

Through your greed, gluttony, lust, envy and anger, the devil will take over your mind and steer your ship into a wreck. Your gluttony and overindulgence in rich food will slow you down and weaken your clarity of mind. Your greed for riches will result in foolish decisions. Your lust will rob you of your vital life force energy. Your envy will leave you permanently discontent. Your anger will ruin your relationships.

Say No to Vice and Say No to Fear. Have Faith and Be Decisive. Have a clear purpose and a clear destination.

If you wish to avoid the grips of the devil, you must not be a drifter. You must know what you want and take what you want. You must eliminate all fear in your mind, for you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

You must maintain focus and desire on your purpose and work towards a clear destination. Do not allow yourself to become lost in vices and confusion. If someone offers you alcohol, say No. If someone offers you a cigarette, Say No. Do not listen to lies and deceit.

In order to be in control of your own mind, you must develop your accuracy of thought. You must eliminate the distractions. Turn off the television and stop subjecting your mind to propaganda. If you watch what they want you to watch, you will think like how they want you to think.

The desire for sex is the strongest desire a man has. Use this desire wisely and you can create greatness. Squander it and all is lost.

A drifter squanders his sexual energy and throws away his seed every time he gets excited. He has no self-control and therefore will never achieve anything great. Constantly releasing your vital energy by ejaculating to internet pornography destroys a man’s drive and desire to succeed.

Sex Transmutation is the Secret of Success

All great men are highly sexed. They have a high level of sexual energy and desire. But they do not waste it. They use it as fuel for their pursuits. They practise the art of sex transmutation. Sex is the most powerful drive and when transmuted into a goal or business, greatness follows.

The devil takes hold of many men through their lust. He bribes them with casual sex and pornography. He lures them in with beauty, then steals their soul while their distracted. Be careful, as beauty can often be the ugliest thing in the world.

Stop drifting. Take control of your mind and focus your desire.

Stop what you are doing. Turn off your computer. Go for a long walk in the forest. Think clearly and think hard. Get back in touch with your own mind. Stop numbing yourself with vices. Stop being so lustful, so greedy and so gluttonous.

Take care of your health, your wealth and your relationships.

Eliminate the vices and the disarray from your mind.

For the fear of ill health, the fear of poverty and the fear of death will keep you enslaved by the devil.

Have self-belief and think for yourself. Think accurately and precisely.

Always trust your intuition over the words of another man.

Only 2 out of 100 do…

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