How to Overcome Weakness

There are many great benefits to modern life. We have a great abundance of food, shelter, and comfort. Modern Life is very easy compared to the life our ancestors live.

We don’t have to hunt to get food. We don’t have to fight to survive. We don’t have to struggle against the brutality of nature. Unless you are in a third world country or in a war zone, life can be pretty cushy.

However, there is a great cost for such an easy, comfortable life. The downside is that a soft life will make a man soft. An easy life will make a man weak, dumbed down and lazy. Without any hardship or struggle, there is no reason to be strong. When your desires are easily fulfilled, you lack motivation and aggression. Civilised life makes you civilised. it makes you a tamed animal.

Every Man is a BEAST. Every man is a wild animal. However, society is there to tame you. The easier your life is, the more docile you become.

A hard life in the military or prison makes a very hard man. An easy life in schools, comfortable jobs, endless television and tasty foods makes a soft, docile man.

However, there are steps that you can take in order to counteract the negative effects of a soft life. In order to get the benefits of modern civilisation whilst also remaining hard, you must force yourself to go through struggles. As it is only through a challenge that you will grow stronger.

Things that Make You Weak:

1. Processed Foods & Sugar

Processed foods ruin your body and your mind. Food Manufacturers use chemicals and sugar in order to get you addicted to their products. As a result, they become wealthy and you become fat and sick.

That few seconds of pleasure when you eat fast food, cakes, donuts, pizza or bread results in long term bad health. If you regularly eat these unnatural foods, you will have a soft body and a stupid mind to show for it.

Stop being addicted to sugar and junk food.

Eat Meat and Seafood to keep your body hard. Nutrient dense foods are essential to being strong and vibrant.

2. Entertainment

Being entertained is a passive activity. When you are busy watching television, playing video games or wearing your headphones, you become a bystander in life. On the other hand, when you are doing something productive and active, you are the participator in life.

Modern life allows us an unlimited supply of entertainment at the touch of a button. As a result, we become addicted to constant stimulation. This desensitises our dopamine receptors in the brain, making us more depressed and anxious in our daily life.

When you are being entertained, you are a consumer. The entertainers are the producers. They make all the money, whilst you give the money away to them.

Limit the time spent playing video games, watching movies/television and listening to music. Instead, take part in proactive activities such as lifting weights, playing sport, playing a musical instrument, learning skills or building a business. 

3. Pornography

Pornography allows you to waste your vital seed in front of a computer in a dark room. Instead of actually talking to girls, all you do is sit inside living out your fantasies on a computer. This destroys your motivation and energy to actually achieve something. The dopamine release from internet porn rivals that of Crack Cocaine. As a result, it is highly addictive and ruins your mental focus.

Sperm contains everything necessary to create life. If you are constantly throwing it away for no reason, you are simply wasting your most vital life force. This sounds like some hippy, spiritual nonsense; but simply observe how you feel once you are done and you will realise. After 30 days of no porn/masturbation, you will have a much greater level of energy and drive.

Stop watching pornography and masturbating. Instead, find a real-life woman. Or simply transmute that energy into your business, workouts or other pursuits.

4. Feminism

Feminists believe that men and women are the same, and should be treated equally. In reality, this could not be further from the truth. In reality, men are masculine and women are feminine. There must be a balance in this world, Yin and Yang, Night and Day, Male and Female. Feminism is simply women trying to be like men. As a result, this destroys the harmonious balance of life. When women try to act like men, they are never satisfied and happy with life.

The media is trying to push ideas such as ‘toxic masculinity’ and that women should be ‘strong and independent’.

Simply ignore this, and act like a man.

Never embrace your feminine side. Be hard like a man, not soft like a woman. Don’t let women dominate you. You, as a man, are the rightful leader. This is why the man has always been referred to as the ‘head’ of the family. A man is responsible for protecting his family, not the other way around. This is simply biology, not being oppressive to women.

5. Relying on the Government

Everyone is always complaining about the government this, the government that. Relying on the government is like relying on satan to look after you. The government only cares about themselves, they do not care about you. In fact, they want to take everything from you and leave you a little bit. As far as the government are concerned, the general population are cattle, like farm animals.

Stop listening to the government. Stop hoping for someone else to save you. Take responsibility for your own life. It is down to you to build and create the life that you want. No one else will care about you as much as you do. Look out for your own people, don’t expect anyone other than your close friends/family to look out for you.

How to Become Strong:

1. Eat Meat & Seafood

For Millions of years, humans were hunters and thrived on animal and seafood. It is only in the last 10,000 years, since the agricultural revolution, that we have had an abundance of plant foods. Due to this higher carbohydrate consumption, humans brain and body has shrunk 

The consumption of meat and fat was directly responsible for the evolution of the large human brain. A diet based around animal foods and seafood will keep you strong and mentally sharp. Grain and Crops are slave foods. The rich feast on Steak and Caviar, whilst they convince the poor to survive on wheat and vegetables.

2. Lift Weights

Lifting weights is how a man becomes physically strong and muscular. It is only through resistance that we grow. Pushing our bodies with heavy weights and callisthenics allows us to imitate the hard labour required for our ancestor’s survival.

If you want to be hard, you must have hard muscles. A man with a soft, flabby body represents someone who is weak and cannot defend himself. Someone with lean, solid muscle presents a sense of power and intimidation. Who is more likely to survive a disaster or zombie invasion; someone who keeps themselves fit and strong, or someone who is fat and weak?

3. Learn how to Fight

There may come a day in your life where you need to defend yourself or someone close to you. If you don’t know how to throw a punch or use weapons, chances are you will get messed up by someone who does.

Take part in martial arts, boxing or street fighting (if you are a real hard nut). Get a heavy bag to practise throwing punches at home.

4. Take Cold Showers

Hedonism makes a man soft. Hot showers are a luxury. If you want to develop the toughness of a warrior, you must build discipline and willpower. Taking daily Cold showers will build your discipline and mental toughness. The ability to say no to pleasure and embrace discomfort will make you a much harder man. Cold Showers also have many benefits from boosting testosterone to improving blood flow. Athletes often take ice baths in order to improve recovery.

Take a cold shower every morning for the next 30 days. You don’t have to do this forever, but it is a great way to develop self-discipline.

5. Sleep on the floor or a hard mattress

It is always those who sleep on big, cosy soft beds who complain about having back pain. Same goes for people who work sitting down all day. Comfort is not always better. Sitting down all day destroys your lower back. Sleeping on a soft mattress also weakens your lower back and can cause a lot of pain in the long term. Comfort today is pain tomorrow.

In our natural state in the wild, humans would be forced to sleep on the ground. Sleeping on the floor or on a firm mattress will improve overall blood circulation and prevent back pain.

6. Go Hunting, Fishing, Hiking & Camping

Spending time in the great outdoors is essential to your health. Activities such as hunting and fishing will develop primal skills that men have taken part in for millions of years.

It is important to stay connected to nature and not get too lost in the modern world of computers, sugar, entertainment, drugs and superficiality. Go back to the wilderness and get in touch with who you really are. The answers will come to you when you get away from the noise and distractions of modern life. This will harden your mind and open your eyes up to reality. Modern pleasures dull the mind; they put you into a trance and make you easier to be controlled. When you go to nature, you are truly free and away from the hive mind.


As I said before, there are many benefits to the modern world. However, in order to avoid becoming too soft and docile, follow the steps I have laid out. It is vital that you take responsibility for your own health, wealth and happiness. No one else is going to do it for you. Stop being a bystander and become the commander of your own ship.

Use modern life to your advantage. Enjoy the pleasures of life, but practise moderation. Always be aware that too much pleasure and stimulation dulls the mind and weakens the body.

Do not let modern life weaken you. Keep your body Strong and your Mind Sharp.

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  1. As a father I am battling these forces everyday. Frankenfood snacks are prevalent everywhere. When I was a kid I had junk food snacks, but at least they were usually homemade treats, like cakes, cookies, and such. The Dorito nation zombie apocalypse is upon us and they’re coming for our children.

    • Yes. Everything they give us easy access to is designed to kill us. First they sold cigarettes on every street corner, now they are killing people with these “frankenfoods”. Chemical Warfare!

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