My Experience on The Carnivore Diet

For the past few years, I have been looking for the perfect diet.

I’ve tried them all from chicken and rice to vegan to paleo.

No matter what diet I followed, I still did not feel great.

The vegan diet made me feel like death. I do not recommend it for anyone. When you remove the animal products from your diet, you starve your brain and body of vital nutrients. As a result, I experienced terrible brain fog and confusion. Many plant foods such as beans and grains contain high levels of antinutrients, that rob you of vitamins and cause a tremendous amount of bloating and digestive problems.

The standard high carb bodybuilding diet of rice, potatoes, meat, fish, eggs and veggies built my body but left me feeling tired and lethargic all the time. In the past, I bought into the idea that the more carbohydrates you eat the more energy you would have. It makes sense as we are told that carbohydrates are energy food. In reality, the opposite happened.

The more Carbohydrates I ate, the more tired I became.

It was only until I came across a wacky diet called the carnivore diet, that I came back from the dead. When I first heard about a diet eating only meat, I thought it was stupid and brushed it off. We are all told that we must eat lots of fruits and vegetables since we are little children. This societal conditioning is very difficult to overcome, however when I actually looked into the carnivore diet, it made complete sense to me.

After studying books such as ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ by Dr Weston A Price, ‘The Fat of the Land’ by Vilhjalmur Stefansson and a series of Forum Posts labelled ‘The Bears Words of Wisdom’ by Owsley Stanley, I was convinced that humans could, in fact, thrive on a zero carbohydrate, all-meat diet.

In January 2019, I went cold turkey on all carbohydrate foods. Going from eating tons of potatoes and rice every day to no carbohydrates resulted in tremendous withdrawal symptoms. It took me about 1 month to get past the withdrawals and about 2 months to become fat-adapted (using fat for energy efficiently). During this adaptation period, I suffered from tiredness, brain fog, headaches, diarrhoea and lack of strength in the gym.

However, after this period of pain, I woke up and saw the light. Once I was adapted to an all-meat diet, I had great mental clarity, consistent energy all day, and felt satisfied with the food I ate. My stomach problems went away and I stopped getting bloated.

A zero carb carnivore diet woke me up from the dead, gave me stable energy and a clear mind.

When I ate carbohydrates, I had constant brain fog and headaches. The zero carb diet has been the only diet that has removed the mental fog and fatigue. Fuelling my body with nutrient-dense animal foods has given me my energy and health back. Vegetables, Fruits and Wholegrains never ever gave me any benefits. The schools, the government and the doctors tell you that they are ‘essential’ to health, but in my experience, they are only a detriment to your health.

Raw Meat, Raw Eggs and Raw Dairy are the Holy Grail of Health

Recently, I have taken the carnivore diet to the next level.

I have been eating Raw Ribeye Steaks, drinking 12 raw eggs per day, along with a lot of raw butter and raw cheese.

It is unbelievable how much better eating raw feels compared to cooked food.

Raw foods contain all their natural enzymes and bacteria. When you cook meat or eggs or pasteurize dairy, you denature the proteins and oxidize the fat, making it harder to digest.

Raw Steak tastes incredible and leaves you feeling very grounded and satisfied. It feels very natural and deeply nourishing compared to cooked meat. In fact, you do not even feel it in your stomach, it digests so well.

Raw Eggs are natures protein shake and also contain every single nutrient the body needs. They are mainly liquid, therefore are very hydrating and nourishing.

Eating Raw Foods removes cooking and cleaning time. Raw Meat infuses you with Vitality and Energy!

Although I still enjoy cooked food, the longer I follow the carnivore diet, the more I prefer eating my foods raw. It seems that when you have eliminated all sugars and addictions, you become more in tune with your natural cravings and instinct.

You must eat life to gain life.

Eating Raw Meat, Eggs and Dairy has certainly improved my life.

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  1. Nice blog post. I tried almost every diet out there except vegan and vegetarian for obvious reasons. It’s funny that you mention that you felt tired on the high carb diet because that diet keeps me alive. I feel horrible when I go zero carbs because of my intense training routine. Especially in training camp, my carb intake is extremely high. Maybe there is no one diet that fits all?

    • If you have been eating carbohydrates your whole life, it will take 2-3 months to adapt to a ‘zero carb’ diet. How long did you follow it for? You also have to ensure that you are eating a lot of FAT as that is the main energy source.

      I lift weights multiple times per week and also do boxing. However, it did take months to fully adapt to zero carbs. During the adaptation phase, I was much weaker and fatigued, due to carbohydrate withdrawals and metabolic machinery shifting etc.

      If you are to use carbs, I personally believe raw milk, raw honey, maybe some fruit in season and some starch such as sweet potatoes and white potatoes to be best. What is your diet like, how do you feel and how hard do you train?

      • I did keto as well. Absolutely hated it. I did it for a month but had to stop because it was getting in the way of my training.

        Main sources of carbs are white rice (since living in Thailand), fruit, honey, sweet and white potatoes. I follow a diet that’s called the Thermo diet and I feel amazing. Depends on if I’m in camp or not. But mostly twice a day, six times a week. In camp, it’s just more intense.

        • Yeah, I think it takes more like 6 months for your training to get back to a high level Without cabs.

          If you do good with carbs, then keep doing what your doing. I think they definitely can be used as a tool for athletic performance.

          For me it’s more mental clarity and stable energy that I gain doing zero carb. I have no blood sugar crashes etc.

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