Don’t let your stuff own you

I see many people with big houses, nice cars. They hire maids, gardeners, window cleaners, painters/decorators and nannies to look after their kids. They also have huge amounts of debts, […]

Maximise Your Appearance

Don’t Judge a book by its cover, they say. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, EVERYONE judges you by the way you present. In fact, within […]

The 5 Pillars of Optimal Health

Health is the true wealth in this world. Don’t believe me? Ask any sick, wealthy man whether he would trade his wealth to be young and healthy again and he […]

Just Do It

Want to be stronger? Lift some weights Want to get bigger? Eat more food Want to get leaner? Eat less food. Want to make more money? Work Smarter and Harder […]


Have you ever thought about just poisoning yourself for fun? Would a wise guy decide to drink bottles of poison and smoke poison and inject poison, to feel good? Seems […]

Free as a Bird

Look to the sky. You see birds flying high, completely free. Absolute peace. Flying wherever they wish, doing as they please. They don’t have to pay rent, they build their […]

Discipline beats Motivation

Motivation. Everyone wants to know how they can stay motivated. Whether it’s motivation to hit the gym, to eat right, to work on their business or to study. All you […]