How to Improve Your Looks

Get Tanned Tanned skin looks better than pale skin. This is a simple fact. Getting a tan is very easy. You have 2 options: A. Sunbathe- if you are in a […]

Life is Movement

“Life is Movement,” Said an old-time strongman named Eugen Sandow. Without movement, there is no life. Without movement, there is no momentum. Without momentum, there is no energy, no drive. […]

How to Be Healthy

To Do: Eat Meat, Eggs and Seafood. Eat Raw Dairy Products. Drink Filtered/Spring Water. Sleep 8+ Hours Per Night. Exercise Daily. Lift Weights. Play Sports. Spend time in Nature. Get […]

Don’t be a Farm Animal

Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals go hand in hand. The food companies sell you bad foods such as grains, vegetable oils, sugars and soy. Then when the sickness and malnutrition catches up […]

Comfort Makes You Soft

There are many great benefits to the modern life. We have a great abundance of food, shelter, and comfort. Modern Life is very easy compared to the life our ancestors […]

Just Let go

Let go of everything. Let go of desires. Let go of distractions. Let go of addictions. Let go of negative people. Let go of material possessions. Let go of entertainment. […]

Money is NOT REAL

Money isn’t real. It is simply a number on a screen, pieces of paper. Money is a man-made construct, simply an idea. It is an invention. It is made out […]


Stop asking permission. Whatever you want to do, you can do. Simply do whatever it is you desire and no one can stop you. Stop looking for all the answers […]