The Sacred Gift

You only have 1 body and 1 mind.

Many things will come and go throughout your life, but you cannot run away from yourself.

No matter what you do, you are stuck inside your body and your mind until the day you die.

Whether you live a life of health and vitality or a life of sickness and degeneracy is up to you.

The decisions you make today will create the life you live tomorrow.

You can abuse your body today with alcohol, drugs and sugary foods.

Then pay for it with the rest of your life.

Instant gratification today will lead you to endless suffering tomorrow.

Treat your body like a temple and your mind like a sacred gift

All you truly have is your mind, body and spirit.

Take care of this great gift and be rewarded with everlasting joy and immortality.

The short term sacrifices will lead you to long term fulfilment.

All pleasure is followed by pain, as all highs are followed by lows.

What goes up must come down.

Overstimulation, gluttony, greed and entitlement will kill your mind and body slowly.

Being impatient like a spoiled child will spoil your future.

Eat a proper diet, train your body, keep your mind clear and free.

Discipline will keep you free. Say no when offered drugs, bad food or alcohol. Learn to say NO.

Stay on form at all times, for the discipline of proper exercise, proper diet and proper habits will keep your body healthy and your mind clear.

Never give in to the temptations. The forbidden fruit seems sweet at first… until it turns sour.

Say no to the things that kill you slowly.

Maintain Vitality, Clarity and Strength at all times. Be vigilant and say NO when necessary.

The parasites will try to bring you down.

They will tell you to drink. They will tell you to smoke. They will say ‘Just Relax’.

The drugs are friendly at first until they take everything from you.

All addictions create the problem that they then pretend to fix.

Don’t join them in their neverending cycle of highs, lows and slow death.

All you have is your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Keep a stable mind, a strong body, and an immortal spirit.

Or eat the forbidden fruit, the choice is yours…

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