Life Is Movement

“Life is Movement,” Eugen Sandow, an oldtime strongman, once said.

Without movement, there is no life.

Without movement, there is no momentum.

Without momentum, there is no energy.

Without energy, there is no drive.

Without drive, there is no greatness.

Momentum and Energy lead to motivation and success.

People spend all day sitting down and they complain that they have no energy.

The person who is out and about and constantly moving never complains about low energy.

This is the law of momentum. Like a snowball rolling down a hill. Once it starts moving, it keeps going. In fact, it becomes bigger and bigger, the faster it goes.

The human body is designed to move throughout most of the day. The body is designed as a hunting and fighting machine.

You are an animal, not a robot. You are designed to hunt and kill. You are a warrior.

But you have been civilised. Like a house cat, instead of the lion you were born to be.

Civilization has tamed and domesticated you, like a puppy dog instead of a wolf.

You become softer and weaker and easier to fool.

You stop moving and start sitting down all day.

Through sitting down, your body weakens and your mind softens.

You lose momentum, and therefore you lose energy.

Without energy, you lack drive and you lack motivation.

“To you, clerk, literary man, sedentary person, man of fortune, idler… Up! The world (perhaps you now look upon it with pallid and disgusted eyes) is full of zest and beauty for you, if you approach it in the right spirit” – Walt Whitman (1858, Manly Health and Training)

Stop abusing yourself with idleness.

Stop being a sedentary slob.

Get up and get going.

Build up the momentum, just like the snowball.

Then you can enjoy the vigour and zest of life, with a clear mind and sound body.

Now, stop complaining about being tired. Start moving right now. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Go lift weights. Just get up and MOVE!

If you work on a computer, get up every half hour or so to walk and stretch.

Get the blood flowing and the juices going.

So get moving right now, because when you stop moving you start dying.

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