Stop Eating A Slave Diet

I was walking through whole foods today and came across a big sign. This sign had an image of a new ‘baby food’ containing ‘lentils and vegetables’. We all know that mothers milk is the ideal food for babies. But somehow, people are being tricked to believe that you can feed babies plants. As a result of this, babies are suffering severe malnutrition. It is a fact that humans are meat eaters. We are not herbivores. To feed a young growing child lentils and vegetables is abuse.

I noticed that whole foods contains many vegan and plant based foods and products. Organic sweets even. In fact, the meat section was downstairs in the far corner where no one was. It seems that the people in the cities have been duped to believe that livestock food such as grain and vegetables are ‘health foods’.

Health foods from health food stores are poison. They are simply a scam. These products promise you abundant health and energy, instead they deliver you nothing. In fact most plant foods detract from your health. Their is a vast array of anti-nutrients and poisons in plants that will steal your health.

Vegetables and whole grains are like politicians; they promise you one thing and they give you another. The government, the doctors and the scientists all tell you that vegetables and fruits are healthy. But they didn’t tell you that they make vast profits from selling these to you. Follow the money and you will find the agenda.

Feeding the population peasant foods like wheat, rice, beans, greens and lentils will keep people too sick and stupid to see the truth. A docile population is easy to control and easy to manipulate. It is easy to create a society full of consumer zombies by simply controlling what they eat.

I tell you, I used to believe that fruits and vegetables were healthy too. I never liked them. But I forced them down my throat as I believed they were necessary for health. Now my eyes are open and I am awake to reality. I eat the natural human diet.

Eat like a king. Feast on meats, seafood, eggs, dairy and caviar. These foods contain all the nutrients, fats and proteins that you need to thrive. Raw meat and raw eggs are the holy grail of health and will make you feel like superman.

Stop eating slave foods. Stop eating slop. Stop eating wheat, corn, oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes and all processed garbage. You have a choice. Stay a slave or remove the shackles and open your eyes.

Grain keeps your brain foggy. A diet of only meat will provide you with the mental clarity to see things for what they are. You will be able to see what is right in front of your face, instead of being blind to the obvious.

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