Enter the tunnel

Be like water.

Flow like a river.

Grow your hair long like a hippy. Then shave it off like a soldier.

Cultivate a clear mind like a monk.

Develop the strength of a warrior.

Build muscles like a bodybuilder.

Become wise like a wise old man.

Get Thinking. Get Working. Get Building. Think and Grow Rich.

Gain Wealth. Gain Power. Conquer your enemies and steal their women.

Then give it all away. Ride off into the sunset.

Be free like a bird. Fly away into the distance.

Explore outer space. Jump from star to star.

Don’t ever give up. Keep pushing. Keep moving forward.

Practice the Art of War.

As Sun Tzu said, “The art of war is deception’.

Empower your allies. Enslave your enemies.

Speak the truth. Never tell lies for money.

Don’t sell your soul for fortune and fame like the Hollywood movie stars.

Attract positive energy. Repel Negativity.

Develop an aura like Jesus.

Be calm like the Buddha.

But always be ready to kill, like buffalo bill.

When it’s time, Do. Don’t die.

Fight with all your heart, like rocky.

Women weaken legs, said Mickey.

Don Corleone said he’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Put a gun to his head, “either your signature or your brains will be on this contract”.

Be ruthless in business. But friendly with friends.

Fly away like an eagle.

Run with the wolves.

Sleep with the bears.

Kill with the lions.

Be a man.

A pioneer. An inventor. A genius.

Have a vision. Have a dream.

Enter the tunnel.

Never look back.

One way forward. No looking back.

You can’t turn back now. You started it, you must finish it

No matter how long it takes.

Keep moving forward.

Be insane until you reach the light.

Then open your eyes and see for the first time.

Become reborn.




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