Stop Studying and Start Doing

Reading is fun and games. It’s nice to learn things. It’s nice to know all the fancy science behind everything. BUT study is not doing. Reading about something does not mean understanding something. Study is a mere guidance, but contains no answers. Real life experience is the only path to answers.

Academics and scientists like to sound smart with all their complicated words and long winded theoretical explanations. They may have read all the books but if they have not done the experiments for themselves, they understand NOTHING.

It is only through self experimentation and experience that you will ever truly understand something. I don’t care what degree you have, what school you went to or what books you’ve read. If you have not done the thing, it is masturbation and you know it.

Stop trying to sound smart. Be smart. Become smart by being a doer. Stop the mental masturbation and the information addiction. Get off the damn internet, the smartphone and out of the textbooks. Stop wasting your money on expensive courses and books. Go outside right now and start doing. Go experience what you have studied. Start experimenting. Start creating. Start building.

For god knows, only challenge will build a mans character. Only through experience will a man develop wisdom.

The truth will present itself only when you pursue it. No school or book will give you the answers. You must find it out for yourself. Stop thinking and start doing.

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  1. True, even if you read 100 books about driving, the day you take the car will realice that you know nothing about driving. Studying is good but action is king. Should be 85% action 15% study. Good article man

    • Great analogy. Driving is the perfect example. Who will be able to drive a car? Someone who has driven a car or someone who has read a book about driving a car? Same as anything. Experience comes out top

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