Start a TRIBE

For the majority of human evolution we lived in small groups struggling to survive. Humans had to battle every day in order to survive, to find food and shelter. We had to work together to hunt animals and to defend our group against other animals and other tribes of men.

If a man was alone in nature, chances are he would be killed.

Being part of a tribe was absolutely necessary for mans survival in the wild. These tribes consisted of around 50-100 people, some smaller and some larger. In fact, modern science has shown that humans can only have meaningful relationships with up to 150 people. Any more than this are merely acquaintances.

The problem we face in modern society, particularly in the cities, is that we are not living in small communities anymore. As a result, we often become isolated from each other, only occasionally seeing friends and family. For the first time in history, it is now possible to be completely alone in a huge crowded city full of millions of people.

In our natural environment, being alone would cause stress and an urge to find your group in order to be secure. However, we can now have the ability to be alone without the risk of being eaten by wild animals. Although this is the case, we still have the same biology as our ancestors, therefore we may become depressed and confused without a close community that we rely on.

A man alone is easily destroyed. A group of men working together won’t go down without a fight. Having a tribe of like minded men will give you purpose and a sense of connection and community. You will test each other and compete with each other, but will always have each others backs. A tribe is built on trust, honor and competence.

Soldiers come back from war, and often talk about how they miss the days fighting and struggling with their “brothers” to win the battle. Going through struggle together creates a bond between men that can’t be replicated any other way. As Jack Donovan says “ The way of men is the way of the gang”. Why do you think there is so many gangs and mafias all over the world. This is the natural state that men are drawn to. Having a group of men where everyone looks out for each other is the ultimate state of man.

Build a gang, a tribe, a brotherhood. Choose men that are loyal and that you trust. Make your own community within this disconnected society.

Arrange to meet up every week, spend time with each other. Discuss business together, go hunting or fishing together, hit the gym with each other. Do anything that will create life long bonds. Commit to each other and be loyal.

It’s either you walk alone, or you walk together.

It’s up to you…

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