How to Reconnect To Nature

Modern man has disconnected from nature. Technology, smartphones and virtual entertainment remove you from reality. This bombardment of electronics and media propaganda has stolen mans instincts and is slowly killing our souls.

To experience true freedom, true bliss, true vitality and true clarity, man must reconnect to the source. The connection to Mother Nature is the connection to God.

Return to the roots and you will experience the truth and the reality of the world. Remove the veil of distraction and vice. Unlock the keys to paradise.

Eat the Natural Human Diet

The natural human diet is the primal diet or the carnivore diet or the caveman diet. Eat the foods your ancestors ate and you will have tremendous strength, abundant energy, and a clear, logical mind. Eat the diet of a slave or a farm animal and you will become a malnourished, weak, lifeless zombie.

A man full of vitality and energy is hard to kill, hard to manipulate. A weak and stupid man blows with the wind and is easily fooled.

Health is the true Wealth. Money is simply paper. Invest in the finest quality foods and treat your body like a temple.

Eat lots of Grass Fed Meats, Wild Caught Fish, Pastured Eggs and Raw Dairy Products. Feast on brain boosting meals of Bison Steaks, Salmon and Caviar. Eat raw cheese and raw butter. Use raw honey and natural herbs/berries as medicines.

Refuse to eat factory made poisonous garbage. Refuse to take the doctors poisonous medicine. Simply eat the foods and use the medicines Mother Nature has supplied for us.

The best option is to hunt, fish or raise your own food and grow your own medicine (plants/herbs/mushrooms). The second best option is to source your food from local organic farmers, ranchers and fishmongers. The third best option is to buy organic foods from farmers markets or supermarkets.

Walk Barefoot

Shoes act as a barrier between you and the ground. When you take your shoes off and walk on the grass or sand you feel more grounded and more centred. Energy is transferred between the ground and your body. In order to reconnect to Mother Nature you must take off your shoes and be barefoot.

Eliminate all Vices

Drugs, alcohol, pornography, television, video games and social media act as a barrier between you and nature. These distractions act as an escape from reality. When you use drugs you warp your perception and when you watch television you tell lies to your vision. Social media and video games take you away from reality and into a virtual reality. All these vices can become a vicious cycle of highs and lows, ups and downs.

Eliminate all addictions. Go through the withdrawals and then you will experience total mental clarity and freedom from anxiety and negative cravings.

Get out to the forest, the beach, the mountains, the islands or the country

Get out of the busy, dirty cities and back to the natural habitat. Going hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or exploring the wilderness is how you clear your mind and experience true freedom.

Escape from the imprisonment of modern comfort and reconnect with your primal nature and instinct.

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  1. Great post man. I’m glad I met you and your site this year.

    Many men in today’s world will pay for this kind of free advice.

    Cheers mate

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