The True Meaning of Wealth

When most people think of wealth, they are thinking of money. They believe that money represents wealth.

The reality is that money is simply pieces of fancy looking paper or a mere number on a screen.

Money is not real. Money is man-made and does not exist in nature.

Due to the current state of the world, money has become the main focus of attention.

These pieces of paper can be used as a tool to purchase whatever product or service you desire.

However, many people have mistaken the purpose of money.

People spend their whole life focused on the paper, and they miss out the true wealth that life has to offer.

Of course, money plays a part in the acquisition of wealth. However, it is simply a TOOL. Money is a means to an end. It is not the main event.

What is the true wealth, you ask? How can I buy it?

Living a life of wealth and abundance was once free. But in the modern world, you must make money to buy what used to be free.

Money is not wealth. The real wealth in life is HEALTH, FAMILY and FULFILLMENT.

Being Healthy, Strong and full of Vitality is essential to living a great life of abundance and joy. No amount of paper is better than feeling great physically and mentally. However, money can be used as a tool to obtain great health. Money can be used to buy good quality food and water. Money can be used to purchase land and livestock.

Money has no real value, but LAND, REAL ESTATE, LIVESTOCK and COMMODITIES have a real tangible value. 

Money is paper. Physical Resources are the true representation of Material Wealth. The richest people in the world are not wealthy because they saved their cash. They used their money as a tool in order to purchase ASSETS. Assets have a real value and can be used in order to generate greater income and wealth.

Family, Friendships and Children is the true purpose of life and the path to fulfilment and joy.

Other than health, family, friends and children are the greatest treasures on earth. Humans are social, tribal beings. Isolation leads to insanity. A rich man with no family and no friends is not wealthy.

Having children is the greatest joy on earth and is the true meaning of existence. You must continue your line in order to remain immortal.


By all means, make money. Money has become the means of trade in this world. Always remember that money is not real. However, money can be used to buy things that are real.

Do not throw the money away on broads, booze and benzos. Do not give it away to every salesmen offering fancy clothes and nice cars.

Use this paper to purchase things of real value.

Invest in your health.

Invest in real Assets, such as Land, Livestock, Real Estate, Gold and Silver. 

Invest in your friendships, your family and building a great future for your children. 

Use the money to buy your freedom. Do not use it to enslave yourself. Don’t go into debt for things that you cannot afford. Do not squander it on short term pleasures. Think long term.

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  1. Amen brother!

    Totally agree.

    While most men are wasting their time and energy to get a job that pays the most amount of money a few wise guys like us are busy getting an asset that produces money or food. Like you said, food or family is more important than money.

    When shit hits the fan – (as in a crisis or war situation) the value of money falls to 0 and the price of food becomes sky high.

    Family can’t be bought so make sure you maintain it and grow it.

    Cheers mate, it was a real pleasure to meet you in real life. Hope to hear more from you. Keep it up up up!

    A big fan

    Sebastian Heart

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