How to Be Healthy

To Do:

  • Eat Meat, Eggs and Seafood.
  • Drink Filtered/Spring Water. 
  • Sleep 8+ Hours Per Night. 
  • Exercise Daily.
  • Lift Weights.
  • Play Sports.
  • Spend time in Nature.
  • Get a lot of Sunshine.
  • Go Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing.
  • Take Cod Liver Oil.
  • Use only Natural Supplements.
  • Use only Natural Grooming Products.
  • Use Stainless Steel/Glass for storing and cooking food/water

Not To DO:

  • Avoid Processed Foods.
  • Avoid Sugar.
  • Avoid Synthetic Chemicals.
  • Avoid Poisons.
  • Avoid Plastics
  • Don’t use Drugs.
  • Limit Alcohol/Coffee Consumption.
  • Don’t sit down too much.
  • Don’t use computers too much.
  • Don’t be addicted to your smartphone. 



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