How to Be Healthy

To Do:

Eat Meat, Eggs and Seafood.

Eat Raw Dairy Products.

Drink Filtered/Spring Water.

Sleep 8+ Hours Per Night.

Exercise Daily.

Lift Weights.

Play Sports.

Spend time in Nature.

Get out in the Sunshine.

Go Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing.

Take Cod Liver Oil.

Use only Natural Supplements.

Use only Natural Grooming Products.

Breathe through your nose (not through your mouth).

Use Stainless Steel/Glass for storing and cooking food/water

Not To DO:

Avoid Processed Foods.

Avoid Sugar.

Avoid Synthetic Chemicals.

Avoid Poisons.

Avoid Plastics.

Avoid Drugs.

Limit Alcohol/Coffee Consumption.

Don’t sit down too much.

Don’t use computers too much.

Don’t be addicted to your smartphone.



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