Just Let go

Let go of everything.

Let go of desires.

Let go of distractions.

Let go of addictions.

Let go of negative people.

Let go of material possessions.

Let go of entertainment.

Let go of always wanting more.

Let go and be free right now.

Just let go.

Become free with no outside influence.

Become free with nothing.

Become free in your mind, wherever you may be,

Whether you are in a palace or a prison cell.

All you have is yourself.

You are not your clothes, your job or your car.

Find peace of mind and health of body first.

Then begin the journey of a thousand miles.

Just make the first step.

Build your empire.

Complete the Trio Of Greatness.

Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Eliminate All, to Gain All.

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