The Carnivore Diet, Lessons from the Bear

I have recently been reading about a very interesting man known as the Bear. His real name was Augustus Owsley Stanley III.

A couple of weeks ago I started the carnivore, zero carb diet. During my research into this particular way of eating, I came across an extract called “The Bears words of wisdom”. Throughout the information on this page, Owsley Stanley discusses his all meat diet in which he followed for 47 years at the time of writing. Reading his words, it became very clear to me that he was a genius and had a complete understanding of the humans natural diet and the information that mainstream science hides from us!

Not only that, but I was fascinated at this mans incredible memory and understanding of human physiology, chemistry and psychology. He called the zero carb diet the “natural human dietary regimen”, showing that the humans digestive system is that of a carnivores and not an omnivore or herbivore. He discusses how insulin and carbohydrates are the true cause of most people’s health problems. In fact the original cure for diabetes is the Zero carb diet, however doctors do not tell us as the drugs they sell make them rich.

Through my research, observation and experience, I also have concluded that animal foods and sea foods are the natural foods for human health. In fact, for millions of years, humans were hunters and most likely ate 100% animal foods with no plants. In fact, 90% of our evolution was during an ice age. It is only in the past 10,000 years, due to agriculture that humans have been able to consume such a large quantity and variety of plant foods such a grains, vegetables and fruits.

It is a fact that every single nutrient needed for human life is in meat, seafood, eggs and dairy; no plants necessary. The most nutrient dense foods in the world include Fish Eggs and Liver, along with Steak, Wild Game, Eggs, Butter and Cheese.  The bear (Owsley) is proof that plants are not necessary and may be in fact detrimental to health, since he ate that way since he was 23. Also, the eskimos and inuits ate a diet of 100% meat, fat and fish. They were shown to be in perfect physical and mental condition. Vilhjalmur Stefansson a famous arctic explorer details his experience living with these tribes for 10 years, eating only meat, in his book “The Fat of the Land”.

My experience with the carnivore diet, that I have been following for two weeks, has been very impressive. For the first week I had carbohydrate withdrawals and keto flu symptoms. But as I am becoming more and more adapted to the diet, my brain fog is disappearing, being replaced with incredible mental clarity and stable energy all day. I have become much leaner and have lost the water weight that was covering my muscle and as a result I now have chiseled abdominals.

All in all, I am very thankful for the bears words of wisdom as it helped me understand the truth about nutrition and health. In a day filled with advertisers, marketers and snake oil salesmen with miracle cures everywhere, it is refreshing to find the very simple truth, with no fillers and no supplements necessary.

Owsley Stanley was a very intelligent man who lived a very interesting life, well known for synthesizing and selling LSD to major musicians in the 1960s and being the sound man for the grateful dead. He mastered many skills and professions throughout his life and was known to have a great ability to focus. It is his conviction that the all meat diet allowed him to stay lean, strong and healthy into his old age. He even managed to stick to the diet whilst in prison by trading foods with other cell mates. I recommend his biography “The Life and Times of Augustus Owsley Stanley III” as it is a very interesting account into a fascinating man.

If you are interested in the carnivore diet, I recommend these resources:

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Being healthy is as simple as eating the natural human diet, exercising and sleeping well. You can say goodbye to the fad diets, the supplements, the magic potions and the endless contradiction of information and fake scientific studies.

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