A Cheap, Simple way to gain Mass

Are you searching for a secret to get bigger? Are you a “hardgainer” who finds it impossible to gain weight?

Well, friend, you are in luck. I’m going to tell you about a magical liquid that will put size on your body for a very cheap price.

This magical liquid is called…


Heavy (Double) Cream contains about 500 CALORIES PER 100ML.  This is an unbelievable amount of calories in such a small cup of liquid. It is much easier to pack in extra calories through liquid rather than forcing more food down your throat.

If you want to gain weight, and have no problems digesting dairy, I highly recommend consuming 200+ml of Heavy Cream every single day on top of your current diet. This will be an increase of over 1000 calories per day, therefore will be 7000+ extra calories per week. This should result in about 2lbs per week of weight gain.

Do this until you have gained enough weight or are starting to gain too much fat. Then gradually cut down the amount of cream you drink per day in order to maintain weight.

This is for those looking to bulk or are skinny and need to put on mass. It is also essential that you are training hard with weights, practising progressive overload.

But won’t the saturated fat in heavy cream clog my arteries?

No, it 1000% will not. This is a myth. The truth is that saturated fat and cholesterol are essential for health and testosterone production.

Old school bodybuilders diets were based around a lot of Red Meat, Eggs, Fish, Whole Milk and Heavy Cream. These men such as Reg Park, Vince Gironda and Steve Reeves all had tremendous physiques that were very well developed and masculine.

 So try adding some heavy cream to your diet during your next bulking period and enjoy fast mass and strength gains. Heavy cream is one of the cheapest foods per calorie and will give you great bang for your buck on a budget. 

Other easy calorie options (Secret: High fat foods are the key since fats contain 9 calories per gram as opposed to protein/carbs which only contain 4 calories per gram):

  • Eat a lot of Butter

  • Eat a lot of Ground Beef mixed with grated Cheese

  • Drink Coconut/Olive oil

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    • Gaining weight is easy. Everyone love to over complicate these things. Gaining lean muscle, though is a much slower process!

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