How to Build a BIG BACK

A thick, strong Back projects power and creates a demanding presence.

You could have a big chest and nice abs, but if your back is skinny you will look weak.

But if you have a small chest but a huge back, you will be seen as strong and powerful. (although you should develop all the other muscles).

Building your back muscles will give you the most bang for your buck. They will give you that wide, thick look to your body as well as giving you tremendous strength. A strong back will improve your posture, aid in preventing injuries and assist in labour intensive work.

Having a strong back and strong hands show that you are a mans man and can handle hard work. A big back includes well developed trapezius, rhomboids and latissimus dorsi muscles.

How to build a Big, Strong Back:

Image- My back at 175lbs 5ft9


Heavy Rows with a barbell or EZ Curl Bar will put some meat on your back. It is important to get the form down first, keeping your spine neutral. But as you increase the weight each week, you will see your back grow before your eyes.


Wide grip pull ups will develop your latissimus dorsi, creating the width in your back. This is essential to give you that classic V-taper look. Keep increasing the amount of reps you can do, then begin adding weight using a weighted belt. Over time as you increase the weight/reps you will build a nice wide, muscular back.


Rack pulls are simply dead lifts off a rack. You can perform them at varying heights. These emphasis the trapezius area of the back and give you a tremendous stretch. You must perform these with HEAVY WEIGHTS and keep increasing over time. Big traps and neck area are very intimidating muscles as you regularly see them on Fighters, Boxers and Prisoners.


If you have access to a strongman gym, you can go there and lift thick objects such as tires and boulders. The impact of the high volume along with the heavy, difficult to grip objects has a tremendous effect on your back and hand strength. This type of training is not easy, and not ideal for a beginner. But an advanced guy can benefit greatly from the variety and difficulty of strongman training.

Exercises such as Farmers Walks, Tyre Flips and Carrying large objects will all contribute to your back mass!


As you gain weight and bulk up, eating a lot of food will speed up the process of thickening your upper back. If you store extra fat in the back, it will give it an even bulkier look (if your not concerned with being lean). Add the Milk or carbs when you want to gain weight, and eat a higher fat, ketogenic/carnivore diet to get lean.


Do the right exercises and eat the right food and you will develop a big, strong back. Make sure to include these within a well formulated strength/bodybuilding program along with a lot of rest and recovery and you will have stellar results.

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  1. )))EXTRA THICC(((

    Super back

    Much WIDE!

    Good TRICEPS

    I get the best results from dumbbell rowing and bent-over barbell rowing.

    I need my biceps less in those exercises compared to pull-ups where your biceps are heavily involved.

    • Yeah I love doing dumbbell Rows, too bad my gym only goes up to 50kg which is too light!

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