Listen to your INSTINCT

Do you do what you are told?

Do you listen to doctors and the food pyramid for your health advice?

Do you listen to schools and colleges for your career and financial advice?

Do you listen to everyone else about everything you should be doing?

Do you follow the general consensus instead of listening to yourself and what you know deep down is the truth?

People who follow the general advice about food become fat and sick, if they rely on general medical advice they will be reliant on pills.

Following general financial advice will turn you into a worker bee living paycheck to paycheck whilst you pay your mortgage.

The key to true freedom is listening to your gut instinct.

Your gut will show you exactly what’s right and what’s wrong.

Outside sources are always trying to manipulate you, to tempt you, to sell to you, to convince you, that there way is the best way.


Your way is the best way. Make your own decisions, based on what you know is right. Don’t do something because it is generally accepted or someone else says you should do it.

Be the driver in your life. Don’t be the passenger, following along like everyone else, like cattle. Don’t allow yourself to be fattened up by the fake foods from the fast food stores, then fixed up by the fake pills from the doctor.

Your instinct will guide you. Listen to it before you take advice from outside sources. You know what food is healthy. You know how to be free. You know what you want. Don’t listen to the parasites. Listen to yourself FIRST!

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