Ketogenic Diet, Minimal Living and Dopamine Fasting

This is a short update on a few of the habits I am currently implementing into my life. These are things in which I am experiencing great benefits and feel may help you out!


A ketogenic is a High Fat, Low Carb Diet. When you restrict your carbs below 20/30 grams per day and increase your fat intake to be the predominant macronutrient your body enters a state of Ketosis. This means that your body is forced to use the fats you eat in order to produce energy, opposed to glucose when you eat a typical high carbohydrate diet. The body uses the fats to produce ketones in the liver. Ketones are a great source of energy for your brain and body. When you are in ketosis your energy levels are stable and your mind becomes clearer. Whereas when you eat carbohydrates you experience ups and downs in energy and blood sugar levels.

I, personally eat a more carnivorous style of the keto diet. My diet is based around a lot of Meat, Seafood, Eggs, Cheese, Butter, Avocados, Nuts and Salad. You can also include foods such as Coconut oil, olive oil, nut butters and a few berries.

The natural hunter gatherer man did not have access to massive amounts of carbohydrates. It is only since the agricultural revolution that man began growing grain and crops. These foods are not natural to man. It is modern food and modern chemicals that cause modern disease. Eating a natural diet based on the types of foods available to the primitive man and you will be healthy for a lifetime.

So many people live in sickness, relying on doctors medicines. Whilst they do not realise it is the man made foods that are keeping them sick and killing them early. Don’t sacrifice your health, hoping to retire one day with a lot of money. Because if you are eating the bad foods, chances are you will be too sick or dead to enjoy the money when your old.

Get your health right first, then pursue the wealth if you chose do to so. If you must chose between health or wealth, health wins 100% of the time.


I have been slowly getting rid of all clutter from my life. Removing all unnecessary possessions from my life has freed my mind and made it much easier to focus on what is really important. Eliminating the desire to buy more stuff and own more things has freed me from having to always spend money. When you don’t spend your income on new gadgets and gizmos all the time, it is much easier to accumulate that cash (AKA earning your freedom, money buys time).

You really do not need to own much stuff to live well in this life. Quality beats quantity every day. It is good to own good quality items that will last years and give you a lot of value in your life. Don’t enslave yourself by wasting your money on pointless things.

All I currently own is the following: Laptop, Smartphone, Wallet, Watch, Pocket Knife, Passport, Sunglasses, Lighter, Headphones, DSLR Camera, Microphone, Notebook, Backpack, Suitcase, Clothing and Books.

All I spend my money on is: FOOD, WATER, BOOKS, RENT, GYM, PHONE CONTRACT


In the modern world, their is so much access to stimulating activities. These things such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, movies and video games all release a lot of dopamine in the brain. The more you release this dopamine through artificial stimulation, the less positivity and clarity you have the rest of the time, until you get your next fix. All these activities can become addictive and destroy our minds.

The ability to spend as much time as possible without addictive substances and entertainment, is important to develop your mental sharpness, willpower and overall grounding. I have recently been focused on limiting the use of my smartphone and specifically have cut out all social media usage. This has freed my mind from the desire to see what everyone else is doing and scrolling endlessly for no purpose.

Fasting from all these dopamine releasing activities is a great tool to keep you sane in a world that’s designed to turn you insane. Don’t let these vices control you. You must regain control over your mind and have the willpower to say no. The longer you go without these things, the greater you feel without any external input. A simple walk through the woods is like paradise when all the chemicals in your brain and body are in balance.

We aren’t perfect, and it isn’t easy to eliminate vices. But give it a try, take some time off to re-sensitize your brain.

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  1. I consider paying for the gym a waste of money, it took me 3 years to come to that conclusion though.

    I didn’t hit the gym in 6 months and I am still buff because I got a home gym that did just cost me $200 and I often do bodyweight exercises outside in nature.

    • I currently pay £20 per month for a gym that’s open 24/7 365 so it’s a minor expense. But I definitely agree that you can keep fit and strong training at home, all you really need is a pull up bar and some weights.

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