The Acquisition and Application of Knowledge

“Knowledge is Power”, they say.

Well, this saying is in fact only half correct. The correct saying is “The Focused Application of Knowledge is Power”. If the knowledge that you acquire is not used for a purpose, it is almost useless.

Wherever you are, look around you. What is everyone doing? They are on their smartphones. Now, the smartphone and other computing devices are a form of ‘INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY’. These devices give the user information, through videos, articles, news, social media and other media. However, most of these people who use these devices are: Not Smart and Not Rich. The information that they are acquiring tends to be click bait, short lived entertainment and enticing articles, along with regular social media scrolling and video watching.

We can conclude that information is not the key to power. In fact most information out there is nonsense, and can be more of a detriment to your intelligence and prosperity than a benefit. Therefore, someone on the pursuit of true knowledge, true intelligence and true wisdom, must go out of his/her way to seek high quality information, mentors and experiences that will have a real impact on their life.


Another reason most people using smartphones and computers do not gain true intelligence, is due to a great inability to focus, specifically the ability to focus on one thing at a time. Due to the nature of most online news feeds and videos, their is always more content/images to click on. As a result, the user tends to keep clicking between content, therefore trying to multitask. How many people are scrolling on Instagram, while simultaneously snap chatting multiple friends, whilst they are also watching movies on Netflix.

Our attention spans have been damaged from regular multi tasking and constant stimulation and dopamine releases. As a result, you may struggle to simply read an article from top to bottom without scrolling forward. This means you lack focus, therefore lack true intelligence.

ACTION: Stop Multi Tasking. Stop having multiple tabs open at once on your devices. Focus on one thing at a time, whether it is reading, watching, listening or working. Focus on that ONE THING and you will do it with much greater focus, clarity and effectiveness.

Once you have stopped multi tasking, and have learnt the old art of FOCUS, you can then proceed to become a man of intelligence and a man of action.



The first step to becoming smarter and more knowledgeable, is to simply read. Choose a few areas of interest to you and focus on them. It is also important to study subjects in which will help you in your business.

You can read: Books, Articles, Newspapers and Magazines. Purchase books that contain knowledge of what you want to do and read them, 1 book at a time. Reading will give you the foundation of knowledge you need to do what you want to do. For example, if you want to improve your health, buy a book that contains the information on diet and training and then apply the knowledge that you learn in the gym and when preparing your meals.


The second step, is to find someone older and more accomplished than you who can teach and guide you in whatever it is you choose to study. This is very important, specifically if you would like to learn a skill or trade such as carpentry, electrics, plumbing or car mechanics. Whatever your industry, find someone better than you to learn from and pick their brain.

A good mentor can keep you on the right track and give you words of wisdom when you need it. If you can’t have a good mentor, just finding good teachers is a great idea. For example if you were to Study Martial Arts, you will want to find a good Sensei to train you.


Once you have learnt through books, teachers and mentors, It is vital that you actually APPLY what you have learnt in the real world. Go out there and have experiences. The challenges and struggles that you face will shape you and force you to grow stronger and smarter.

TRUE EXPERIENCE beats everything. The man who has read 1000 books on fitness will be nothing compared to the guy who never read a book, but has been training in gyms for years and eating right. A scientist who has read everything about the physics and chemistry of the world, but doesn’t do anything with it is a Nutty guy living in his grandmas basement doing experiments for fun.


It is also of great importance to reflect on past mistakes and accomplishments, not to dwell on them, but to analyse what you did right and wrong. This will allow you to avoid future mistakes and understand what has worked and what hasn’t.


You must then use the knowledge, experience and reflection in order to make plans and projections to move forward and create a better future. The Focused application of knowledge and experience into a greater goal and vision has been a vital part of the creation of many men’s great Wealth, Success and Prosperity. But always remember to use this power of focus for good and to create freedom and happiness in your life.


We can conclude that acquiring true knowledge is simple, however it relies on the discipline to eliminate distractions and stop multi tasking. This ability to focus on one thing at a time is the key to developing intelligence and then going on to create great work. Applying this focus in the gym, into your work and into your relationships should have a positive effect on the quality of your life. But remember, don’t become a complete know it all nerd who never does anything.



Always pass on the lessons you’ve learnt to the younger generation, as one day you will be the master and become a mentor to them.

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