The Value Of Self Education

I was always getting the top grades at school. Truth is, I didn’t even try. It simply seemed easy to me. School, in my opinion, was not true education.

In religious studies, I was getting D’s in every ‘practice test’ we did in class. However, the night before the exam I spent hours constantly reading the textbook over and over. The next day came, and the test was easy. I got an A*… Now, do i remember anything from religious studies that year? NOTHING, not a damn thing. In school, all you need is to remember information for a test, then forget it. Therefore, no true knowledge acquired. (This is my experience, maybe you have become very wise from your schooling, please do not take offense)

At school, they do not teach you anything about real life. The truth is, I have not needed a single thing school taught me in real life. Schooling is an indoctrination system that keeps people controlled. It gives children the belief that they should study hard, go to university, get a ‘good debt’ and then get a good job to be a good person. But they didn’t tell you how to start a business, how to be healthy or how to be a great person.

Since I left school, I became smarter. 10000X smarter than that A* student I used to be. When i was at school, all i did was sit down all day listening to a teacher, then come home to watch TV and play Video Games. That is not the lifestyle of a smart, sharp person.

Once I exited the brainwashing system, I saw reality with my own eyes. I stepped back and observed how people were living and it astonished me. “These people just follow what they’re told” I thought. Schooling, the media and your parents have painted a picture of how life should be. University, Good Job, Work for 50 years, retire at 60+ to relax and live off a ‘pension’. WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THIS, I think.

Reading books + Experience is how I Self Educated myself. It is very important to develop the ability to think logically and think for yourself. Whereas, when you are caught up in the school game, the school teaches you how to think. When you are watching a lot of TV, the TV teaches you how to think. I recommend that you think for yourself. Read and seek mentors. Aquire knowledge from a range of sources before coming to a conclusion. But always trust your gut instinct first. THE TRUTH LIES WITHIN. YOUR OWN SELF CONTAINS ALL THE WISDOM YOU NEED TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE. YOU MUST FIRST GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. Do not let anyone else think for you. Never rely solely on one person or source for your knowledge. This is known as brainwashing/indoctrination.

The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is an essential part of the journey towards self mastery. Reading books has allowed me to learn from the greats, people who I could never meet personally. Through experience and self education, I have gained wisdom I could never learn in a school or university.

Now. University and College may be important to you, if your goal is to become a doctor or a lawyer or a politician. But if you want to be an entrepreneur, start your own business or live a natural life, it is not necessary. Even if you just want a normal job, experience is often valued over qualifications. Why go into debt for something that may not give you an advantage?

Do not go to college or university just to party, as you will come back with nothing but debt. Don’t enslave yourself for knowledge. Figure things out for yourself, read and seek mentors in order to further educate yourself for greatness.


  • Reading Books/Blogs

  • Listening to podcasts/audiobooks

  • Seeking Mentors

  • Talking to intelligent people

  • Learning through experience

  • Overcoming Challenges/Obstacles

  • World Travel

  • Physical training (strong body=strong mind)

  • Logical Thinking

  • Philosophising

  • Avoiding Drugs/Vices (to maintain mental clarity= true intelligence)

Just a little food for thought,


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  1. Hehe, I just missed 75% of all classes and played video games instead. Because of that, my English is now solid as fuck.

    Do I remember anything from school?

    Well, they tried hard with the white guilt, feminism and tolerance for Rapefugees and immigrants that piss on Europe.

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