Stop Chasing Illusions

People think that gaining material possessions will make them happy. They believe that a big house and a financed range rover or Mercedes will fulfill them. They work 40+ hours a week to pay their monthly bills and debts, with little left to spare. They will save up their money to buy the latest gadgets and toys that advertising has so cleverly put in their subconscious minds. These same people will try to fill their void of emptiness with alcohol and drugs. What they don’t realize is that no substance and no toy will satisfy them. In fact they will believe that they must simply work more, hoping for a pay rise, so they can buy bigger and better toys one day.

Their is a rainbow in the distance, with a pot of gold beneath it. The foolish man is easily tricked by shiny objects, and will do anything to get their. He will put himself through misery, for many years. All in a hope of one day reaching this pot of gold, this dream of riches. After many years of struggle, he realizes that it was merely a mirage, an illusion. It was a good trick, with bad consequences. By the time this man comes to this realization, he is already old and sick, his body deteriorating and his mind degenerated. He spent his whole life chasing a unicorn, an idea of riches but never reaching it. The chase stole his soul, but he gained nothing.

Think about this. Why does everyone seem to live the way that they do? Why does everybody go to school, get a job, get married, get a house with a mortgage, take loans for a shiny car, buy things they don’t need, retire at 70, get sick and die. Now tell me, where in the hell is the FUN IN THIS? Wake up. It is a lie. Since you were a child, this picture has been painted in your mind that you must get a job and buy things. It is merely an illusion, a clever trick, to control the masses.

CONSUMPTION KILLS. Advertising and the media has fooled you into thinking that you can gain happiness by handing your money away for fancy things, and keep working to keep throwing it away. MONEY IS PRECIOUS, STOP THROWING IT AWAY ON POINTLESS STUFF.

In reality, all a human needs to survive is: Water, Food and Shelter. These things are free in nature. However you have been brought up in a system where you must work and pay to live. Stop spending this money you earn on nonsense…

However, one thing money does buy in this system is TIME. TIME=FREEDOM. Therefore, the simple solution is to use money to buy your freedom and not toys.

Sure, buy a house when you can afford it. Buy a nice car, if it’s cheap to you. BUT DO NOT GO INTO DEBT BECAUSE SOMETHING APPEARS PRETTY. These things always appear sweet at first, until they become sour. It is the same with drugs and alcohol. It is all fun and games at first, until it becomes a nasty addiction turning you into an angry devil.

Now, do not waste your life chasing a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Don’t work hoping some day you will retire and life will be good. LIFE IS TODAY, LIFE IS NOW. Stop hoping for a better tomorrow, start living today.

There is no reason that you should sacrifice your valuable time and HEALTH to work a job you dislike to pay for things you do not need. In this world, HEALTH is number 1. If you are rich, but unhealthy in mind and body, it means NOTHING. So become healthy, physically and mentally. You can build your finances, your own empire, your own wealth, your own castle. But don’t waste the fruits of your labour on toys. Money is a tool and can be used very wisely in order to give you a life of tremendous freedom and joy. However, in the wrong hands, money is a weapon of your destruction.

(TIP: Make your money in a 1st world country, spend it in a 3rd world country. You will get 10X the value out of it. To live like a king in the big cities like London, New York and Paris you will need millions. To live like a king in Thailand or South America it is much, much less. An income of $/£1000-2000 per month would give you enough to live great.)

Don’t enslave yourself financially with debts and bills you can’t afford. Don’t mentally enslave yourself with addictions and drugs. Don’t physically enslave yourself by shackling yourself to a job you hate so you can have a better life, one day… Stop lying to yourself and stop being lied to.

Do yourself a favour, wake up.

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  1. Based and Redpilled.

    I have a good addition to your post: Live where your money is worth twice as much.

    You can live like a normal person in Europe or live like a KING in Thailand for example.

    Or you simply get the same living standard as in Europe in Thailand and in that way save around 3000€ per year.

    Do that 3 years and you have got your fuck money.


    • Yes! I have added- make money in a 1st world country, spend in a 3rd world country. You really do not need ridiculous amounts of money to be free, it is simply the pursuit of material possessions that stops most people becoming free.

      • Need to learn how to make more money, how to invest smartly, how to need less money and how to save money.

        AirBnB is a great website to calculate the cost of living in any country in the world.

        • I personally live a very minimal life and have no desires for expensive, flashy stuff (toys). Due to this, I save 80% of my income and only buy the bare necessities including good quality food, gym membership etc.

          Making money through the internet, having passive incomes from assets and real estate is of great interest me. I believe, even with as little as £1000 coming in each month, you can live freely and well in many areas of the world.

          Money is simply a ticket to freedom, travel and helps create a smoother life. But i see too many people wasting it as they earn it, never becoming free…

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