The Wisdom of nature

Eugen Sandow said “Life is Movement”. So move. Get off the sofa. Get away from the TV. Get away from the concrete Jungle with the endless entertainment. Go back to nature. Experience the true reality, not the virtual reality. You say Artificial Intelligence is the future. I say Artificial Intelligence is death of human intelligence. Mother Nature always wins. When Robots do everything for us, what will you do. Curl up and die, let the robot win?

No. Be a human. You are an animal. A mammal. Part of nature. We are hot blooded creatures, roaming the lands. We aren’t computers, machines staring at screens. Go back to nature. You will feel free. Stop living in virtual realities with your flat screen Television that tell lies to your vision. Social Media and Viral Videos supplying your daily wisdom. Entertainment is Enslavement.

Why not go outside, the true knowledge will come to you. The true wisdom of life is in nature. But we choose to ignore it, busy working, busy buying, busy trying and busy lying. Educated fools with money on their minds. Money is a social construct, a number on a screen.

Where is the fulfillment. Emptiness. All the work, the debts, the information, the news, the TV, the movies, Artificial intelligence. Keeping you distracted. No real answers. All just a smokescreen, an illusion.

The truth cannot be found in virtual reality.

It can only be found in real reality.

Modern humans think they are becoming smarter, but they are becoming dumber. They let the artificial intelligence do everything. Their smartphone controls them.

Artificial intelligence is exactly that, ARTIFICIAL.

Find your true intelligence.

(HINT: It cannot be found in schools, the internet, books or TV)

It can only be found through EXPERIENCE.

So go somewhere. Go on an adventure. A journey of a thousand miles awaits you.

Get moving, because life is movement. Be the Commander, not a passenger. Stop consuming and start producing, start moving. Gain momentum and flow.

The true rhythm of life awaits you.

Just exit the front door.

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  1. The best thing one can do in life is to travel.

    Travel is the best teacher.

    Travel is living life to the fullest.

    I think I might adapt the work and travel lifestyle when I got the money for that.

    Till then I will stick to camping and working hardcore on my goals!

    You are spreading a good message with this post.


    • That is true, my friend. Thank you for the comment. I am also aiming to live a travel lifestyle, keep up the good work buddy!

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