Don’t let your stuff own you

I see many people with big houses, nice cars. They hire maids, gardeners, window cleaners, painters/decorators and nannies to look after their kids. They also have huge amounts of debts, a big mortgage, expensive monthly car payments. These people buy everything with credit cards, having to pay 20+% interest on EVERYTHING they own, all because of the need for instant gratification. In fact , they sacrifice their life working so they can own this stuff.

But the question is, does this stuff fulfill them? Does paying off a big mortgage for 50 years so you can sit in a large house sound like fun?

People work so hard at jobs they often dislike, in order to keep up with the neighbours. They feel the NEED to upgrade their car every year. They feel the NEED to live in a big house, to pay fortunes on extensions, decorating, landscape gardening and maintenance. People allow their greed for material possesions to prevent them from bringing up their own children. Because they are always working, they must pay a stranger (nanny) to look after their babies.

As George Carlin said “A house is just a place to keep all your stuff. While you go out and get more stuff”.

So many people are obsessed with accumulating material possessions and TOYS. Even though these things hold them back and keep them a slave to the debts, having to work and work and work to hit their monthly payments. For what? For Toys. For man made objects.

The new sports car is fun for a month, until it just becomes another EXPENSE.

As Tyler Durden said “We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like”.

I’m inviting you to strive to own less. To remove the clutter and the distractions. Own what you need, not what you cannot afford. You will find that you gain more freedom when you have less stuff. Less expenses will also allow money to accumulate, giving you financial freedom that you never had when all the money was being spent on toys.

MJ DeMarco said “If you have to think about the cost of something, you cannot afford it”.

It is vital that you don’t splurge on something you want, unless you really truly can afford it. Do not pay monthly for a new mercedes. In fact don’t buy a 50k car unless you have 500k banked minimum. If you follow this rule, you will not struggle with money. Don’t buy luxury until it is cheap to you.

MORE STUFF = MORE STRESS. So own less toys. Buy quality instead of quantity. Invest in assets rather than splurge in liabilities. Own what you need, save the rest, invest the rest. Spend on experiences and adventure.

Do this, and you will become free. Remove the desire for new toys and focus on what really matters. THE EXPERIENCE OF LIFE.

Buying things won’t fulfill you.

Don’t let the things you buy own you.

Have a nice day,


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  1. Cool blog Stan! I love your natural and simplistic approach. Keep it going!

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