Maximise Your Appearance

Don’t Judge a book by its cover, they say. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, EVERYONE judges you by the way you present. In fact, within the first 3 seconds of meeting you, people have formed a view on you. The first thing people see on a book is the cover. The first thing they see of you is your physical appearance; your posture, build, clothing, hairstyle and facial aesthetics help people create their opinion of you.

If you weren’t blessed with god like looks, don’t worry. There is more to your appearance than just genetics. In order to maximize what you were born with, it is important to improve posture, develop a good physique, wear form fitting clothing and make the most out of your looks through proper grooming, hairstyles and potentially certain surgeries (last resort).


The way your face looks is generally to do with genetics. However, there are ways that you can improve the appearance of your face. For example, losing body fat will give your cheeks/jaw a more chiseled, defined look. This will have a dramatic effect on your facial aesthetics. Eating healthy foods and avoiding junk food will give you clearer skin, again improving the way your face looks. Getting teeth whitened is another good idea, as well as plucking the middle of your eyebrows, and getting them waxed or darkened if need be. If you have a deviated septum (broken nose) or do not like the look of your nose, surgery is a viable option.

CHISELED JAW- In order to get a stronger, chiseled jawline you can

  • Lose Body Fat- High Fat/Low Carb Diet, lots of water

  • Chew Hard Gum such as natural Chios Mastic Gum

  • Eat Hard foods such as Steak

  • Breathe through your nose instead of mouth

  • Get Surgery


  • Rhinoplasty (Straighten outside of nose)

  • Septoplasty Surgery (Straighten inside of nose)


  • Get a haircut suitable for your head shape. For example if you have a round face, have the sides cut short with more length on top (This will make you face look slimmer)

  • Use facial hair to make your jaw appear sharper and increase sex appeal


  • Brush teeth 2/3 times per day with a natural toothpaste

  • Floss Daily

  • Use Natural Mouthwash

  • Get professional Whitening from a dentist


Who looks more confident and projects more power, someone who stands tall and proud or someone who slouches and looks down at the floor? Of course, the person who has a strong, upright posture will appear to have greater importance and respect. Make sure to have the posture of a soldier, and make eye contact when addressing someone.

  • Make it a habit to walk with your head up and chest out

  • Do not slouch

  • Make eye contact with people

  • Do cable face pulls at the gym to develop rear deltoids

  • Use a standing desk/ or use a laptop stand so it is in line with your eyes


Any man or woman, can dramatically improve their presentation by developing their physique, building muscle and losing body fat. For men, having a V shaped, muscular body will dramatically enhance the way you appear to others. Having an aesthetic body will give you more confidence, improve your posture and demand respect and project power. People treat you much better when you look like a Greek statue as opposed to being fat or skinny.

  • Lift Weights 3 days per week- Full Body, Compound Movements

  • Take part in Boxing, Martial Arts of Other Sports

  • Focus on developing Wide Shoulders with a narrow waist and big arms

  • Eat lots of Meat, Eggs, Fish and Dairy foods


If you are in physical shape, you will look good in simple clothing. However if you are out of shape, no matter what you wear you won’t look as good. So once you have gotten your body into shape, you can focus on maximizing the clothing you wear.

It is best to choose fit and form over expensive brands. Make sure to wear clothes that compliment each other and present that you have a good sense of style. If you walk around in sweatpants and dirty T-Shirts, you won’t present self respect. However, wearing a tailored suit with polished leather shoes, people will listen to you and assume that you have authority. If not wearing a suit, for example you could wear boots, dark denim jeans and a clean t shirt/polo or shirt.

  • Get your clothing tailored to fit your body

  • Make sure your colours match

  • Make sure that your clothing is comfortable

  • Develop a personal style

  • Wear clothing appropriate for the situation- (Don’t wear a suit to the beach, and don’t wear shorts to a business meeting).


Being tanned vs being pale makes a great difference on your appearance. Being tanned is associated with being healthy and spending lots of time outdoors, and being athletic. A tan gives the appearance of greater muscle definition and generally looks better.

  • Go to a high quality Sunbed regularly

  • Spend lots of time outdoors

  • Sunbathe

  • Regularly visit hot countries


  • Cold/Lukewarm Shower 1X per Day

  • Use a Natural Soap for body/hands/hair

  • Use a Natural Deodorant/Cologne to smell good

  • Brush and Floss Teeth 2X per Day

  • Get Hair Cut every 1-3 weeks depending on style/length

  • Keep facial hair shaved/trimmed

  • Pluck middle of eyebrows

  • Moisturize dry skin and hands

  • Don’t bite your nails, use nail clippers

  • Chew gum to develop jaw muscles

There you go. Apply the tips necessary for you and become the best looking that you can be!

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