Have you ever thought about just poisoning yourself for fun? Would a wise guy decide to drink bottles of poison and smoke poison and inject poison, to feel good?

Seems a bit strange if you ask me. But the fact of the matter is, every time you consume a drug, whether it be alcohol, marijuana, caffeine or nicotine, you are putting poison into your body.

The not so mystical truth is that getting high on drugs such as weed, acid or mushrooms is not some spiritual experience; it is simply a poison produced by a plant to defend itself, messing with your nervous system. In a way, you could describe it in similarity to a virus on a computer. These poisons, usually isolated from plants, are designed to kill insects or small animals that may eat the plants. However, since we are too big to die from these chemicals, they have a different effect, making you feel “stoned”, “high” or “tipsy”.

Humans have known about these effects for millennia and therefore have known about certain plants that can heal and certain plants that kill. We must understand that the plant wants to live, and without physical defences, it creates these chemical defences.

Of course, there is a BIG Difference between enjoying the pleasure of a good quality cigar and scotch on occasion, as opposed to someone who is regularly and consistently intoxicating themselves with substances. Moderation and SELF CONTROL is vital when dabbling with mind-altering substances. When used in certain social events, with the right people, alcohol can have a calming and positive effect. However, on the other hand, an alcoholic lives a depressing, miserable, lonely life. We’ve all heard of functional alcoholics; they may even be successful financially. But the truth is, every single one of them is miserable and empty inside.

The truth about drugs is that they create the problem that they then pretend to cure! Our brains develop addictions to things that overstimulate certain brain chemicals and neurotransmitters. When the effects of a drug wear off, you experience withdrawals, which are then fixed by taking the drug again.

When certain chemicals in your brain are overstimulated too often, they become dull. This leaves you feeling bored, depressed and empty. You then fill this hole with the drugs again, further beating up your minds pleasure chemicals, pushing you further into addiction and reliance on poisons.

Here are A few reasons why not to be a drug addict:

  1. Drugs poison your mind and body

  2. Drugs take your money from you

  3. Drugs create nasty side effect

  4. Drugs will eventually kill you

  5. Drugs often cause mental illness and degeneration

  6. Drugs can destroy your life and your relationships

  7. Drugs keep you in a life of highs and lows, no steadiness

Of course, certain chemicals in the right dose and the right time can be of benefit. Such as using caffeine before a workout, or a difficult mental task, or an anaesthetic for an operation.

But the idea of habitually poisoning yourself for pleasure, whether it is excessive drugs, alcohol, junk food or soda is plain STUPID!

Avoid poisoning yourself and instead focus on living a natural and healthy life. This will leave you feeling much better, consistently. There is no need to live a life of ups and downs, highs and lows that drugs give to you. Drugs take more than they give. Healthy food, water, air and exercise will give you everything and take nothing from you.

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