Invest in your Mind & Body First

If you owned a Ferrari, how would you take care of it? I’m sure you would give it the best quality fuel, wash it regularly and keep it well maintained and oiled. You would take pride in your luxurious vehicle.

Let me tell you one thing. You may have many cars throughout your life. But you only have ONE BODY and ONE MIND. So why, if you would treat your Ferrari so well, would you not maintain your own self. Your body is your vehicle until the day you die. If it’s maintained, it will function smoothly and you won’t have to experience as much suffering. However, if you abuse your body and mind, with temporary pleasures, you may break down early and suffer an array of terrible health conditions.

You have one body and one mind. Take care of it. Maintain it. Keep your true vehicle running as smoothly and optimally as possible.

Make sure to exercise, eat the right foods, sleep well, spend time outdoors and have happy relationships. Read books, expand your knowledge, learn and keep your mind focused and centred. Avoid self-destructive habits such as dangerous drugs, addictions, junk food, negative relationships, toxic environments and too many mind-numbing activities.

Your body and your mind is more important than the most expensive sports car in the world. Treat it with respect. Be your own mechanic.

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