Free as a Bird

Look to the sky. You see birds flying high, completely free. Absolute peace. Flying wherever they wish, doing as they please. They don’t have to pay rent, they build their own nest. They do not pay for their food, they catch their own food. They don’t pay monthly auto payments, instead they fly from A to B to C to D; completely free as can be.

A bird thinks none of the things you think. They may not be as smart as you, as a human. But they sure are free. Free to go here, to go there. Free to be with their friends, free to eat and free as can be, flying high in the sky.

Now, take a look at your situation, your environment. Do you feel free? Or do you feel limited? Do you feel imprisoned; by your job, by your home, by your debts, by your responsibilities? No control. Endless stress and hard work. So busy thinking and dreaming and hoping. But never getting anywhere, working for life, eating fake foods, retiring old and sick. Sacrificing your health, freedom, and joy for an image of a better future, one day. Never being free. Always being a slave.

Then a bird flies right past you, completely free. Right now.

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