Discipline beats Motivation

Motivation. Everyone wants to know how they can stay motivated. Whether it’s motivation to hit the gym, to eat right, to work on their business or to study. All you hear is people complaining, “I just don’t have the motivation to do what you do”.

Well, friends. The truth is that motivation is not what keeps people going. The key to any success is being DISCIPLINED. Motivation is a temporary state when you are excited to do something. But eventually that will wear off and you will have to practice self-discipline to remain consistent in your endeavours.

As an example, when you first begin training in the gym or for a sport, you are very excited and full of drive to train. However, over time, it may become monotonous and some days you may not have that same drive. It is in this case that the person who follows their motivation will keep skipping their sessions and eventually fall back into bad habits; since the motivation is not always there. On the other hand, the guy who is self-disciplined will train and eat right NO MATTER WHAT, and he will be able to keep progressing and improving, having the results to show for it.

Without discipline, you will never be able to maintain consistency with any of your pursuits. As you simply will not always feel like doing it. But the one with the ability to do it anyway, whether he feels like it or not, will always come out on top.

Remember this. Motivation comes and goes. Discipline will see you through all the way, from A to B. So get started today and build your self-discipline. No excuses. No complaints. Just do it, whatever it takes. Build your business with consistent, daily work. Build your body with consistent, progressive training. Build your intelligence, with regular reading and knowledge seeking.

No-one is going to give it to you. Discipline yourself. Get off the video games, the endless Netflix shows and the Junk food that slows you down. Take cold showers every morning, lift weights 3 days a week, save your money.

Whatever you want, is yours for the taking. All it takes is a little discipline and CONSISTENCY. One more step forward, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Go get it.

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