Break Free from the Mental Prisons

You may not be physically shackled in chains, but there is a big chance that your mind is imprisoned in one way or another. Whether it be addictions, negative beliefs, bad health, or a job you hate; these things enslave you, mentally. in this article, we will focus on addiction and how it is keeping you behind mental bars.

If you are addicted to drugs or smoking, you are a slave to the cigarettes or the drugs. If you are addicted to your phone, you are a slave to your phone. If you hate your boss, but continue to work for him everyday, you are a slave to your boss.

This form of mental slavery keeps you feeling trapped and thinking that there is no escape, no way out. Your negative habits and mindsets hold you back from getting what you want. Being addicted to things prevents you from feeling clear headed and full of vitality.

It is absolutely vital that you regain SELF CONTROL. Having complete control over your mind and body is essential to self mastery and greatness.

When you give in to your cravings, you give away CONTROL to that thing, bad habit or person. Until you become so addicted that you feel as if you cannot control yourself at all. For example, when you are addicted to cigarettes you feel an urge and craving to smoke that cigarette. Once you have smoked, that craving goes away; until you begin to have withdrawals again, therefore continuing the cycle of addiction. This is known as slavery, when something or someone else has control over you.

The drugs create the problem that they then fix, so never listen when people tell you that it helps them ‘chill out’, ‘relax’ and ‘feel good’. Because this is a temporary, short term relief in exchange for long term hell.

BAD HABITS that you must eliminate/cut down on in order to free your mind:

  • Drugs/Narcotics

  • Cigarettes

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine

  • Pornography & Masturbation

  • Movies & Television

  • Video Games

  • Excessive Internet & Social Media Usage

  • Junk, Processed Food

  • Sugar

Try to spend at least 2 days per week with no artificial stimulation or high dopamine releasing activities such as the ones above. The ability to feel bliss and content without external stimulation is a key to self mastery. Aim to eliminate all negative, destructive habits from your life. The main ones are: Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking and Fake foods. Limit the rest as much as you can, and eliminate completely if you wish.


Do not allow anything or anyone to take control over you, whether it be alcohol, drugs, smoking, video games, porn, movies or junk food. If you have any negative addictions, begin today in eliminating them from your life. It will be hard at first, as you will face the withdrawals. However, If you are tough enough and have the willpower to get through this artificial enslavement, you will eventually find the key that unlocks the shackles.

Have a nice day,


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