The Daily Habits of WINNERS

Hello, my friends. This article contains the daily habits for self preservation, productivity and winning. Whether you work 80 hour a week or 10 hours a week, you should make time to develop positive habits to aid in your self development, knowledge and financial success:


It is of vital importance to train your body regularly to keep your body strong and your mind sharp. Leading a sedentary lifestyle will make you weaker, softer and fatter, whereas intense exercise will make you stronger, faster and full of energy. Training your body should be part of your daily routine whether it is lifting weights, sprinting or martial arts. As your body develops in aesthetics and performance, you will gain more self confidence and the ability to perform better at life.

Putting yourself through physical challenge will build a greater mental toughness, which will carry over to other aspects of your life. Also, regular movement is essential to your mental clarity due to the increase in blood flow to the brain. Therefore allowing you to perform better with your work/business.

Set aside 1 hour or so per day to perform intense physical training 3-6 days per week. This could include Lifting Weights, Calisthenics, Martial Arts or Boxing. Supplement this with Stretching, Yoga, Foam Rolling and Mobility training in order to keep your body supple and pain free.


You are what you eat. If you consume processed garbage, you become processed garbage. If you eat real food meant for man, you will become healthy, vital and feel like superman. What you eat is the #1 factor on how you feel on a daily basis; if you are eating junk food you will feel lethargic, slow and foggy headed. Whereas eating the right foods will create a state of consistent energy and mental clarity. Put down those donuts, cakes, fast foods, pizzas, sodas etc.

Base your nutrition around real foods, including: Grass Fed Meats, Organs (LIver, Kidney), Wild caught Seafood, Organic Eggs, Raw Dairy, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, some Nuts, Berries and Vegetables. Drink filtered/spring water out of Glass or Stainless Steel Bottles (BPA in plastics mimic estrogen in the body). Drink High Quality Tea and Coffee in moderation. Take Vitamin/Mineral Supplements if Deficient.


It is also important to stimulate your mind and further your knowledge on a consistent basis. The best way to do this is through experience, or reading/listening about other peoples experiences. Practically every successful person in this world has read books in order to gain knowledge and wisdom. Read about and listen to subjects that will be of benefit to your personal growth, to further your knowledge in your industry, and to improve your understanding of the world.

Audio books and Podcasts are an efficient way to gain knowledge as you can listen wherever you are and requires less focus and time as reading an actual book.

Find some good books on Amazon, aim to read between 1-4 books per month. Download Audible in order to listen to audiobooks. Youtube, Soundcloud and iTunes all contain an array of interesting podcasts.


Multitasking does not work. Repeat, multi tasking does not work. If you want to get something done efficiently and effectively, it is essential that you put 100% focus on that 1 task, before moving onto the next one. This way you will find that you become more focused and less scatter brained, resulting in greater work, hopefully leading to more income.

Keep a daily to do list, focus on each task 1 by 1, tick them off. DONE.


Cold Showers are the best way to start your day. They will wake you up, they will get your blood rushing and get you fired up and ready for action. It’s not easy for a newbie, so start of warm and gradually cool it down. Eventually you will become so tough that you can jump straight under cold water. This will also help build your discipline.

Contrast Showers are excellent for recovering muscle soreness and tension. You simply do 30 seconds hot water, followed by 30 seconds cold water; repeat multiple times. The contrast from hot to cold will pump blood into your muscles then back to your organs, therefore relieving aches, tensions and stress.

Cold Showers are great for waking up, Contrast Showers are great for muscle recovery!


Going back into nature will give you peace of mind and clarity. It is the best way to lower anxiety and become more grounded with your body. This is the best way to think clearly and be at one with the world, in the natural human habitat with the birds singing.

Go for a walk in the woods/park, go fishing, go hiking, go hunting, go to the mountains, forests, lakes.

Implement some of these habits in your daily life and see your body, mind and finances develop.

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