October 2018

Free as a Bird

Look to the sky. You see birds flying high, completely free. Absolute peace. Flying wherever they wish, doing as they please. They don’t have to pay rent, they build their […]

Discipline beats Motivation

Motivation. Everyone wants to know how they can stay motivated. Whether it’s motivation to hit the gym, to eat right, to work on their business or to study. All you […]

Break Free from the Mental Prisons

You may not be physically shackled in chains, but there is a big chance that your mind is imprisoned in one way or another. Whether it be addictions, negative beliefs, […]

Hardcore Foods for Hardgainers

Simple Foods to gain MASS: DRINKING HEAVY CREAM 100ML of Heavy Cream Contains 470 Calories. This is literally a shot. Drink 200ML of this stuff per day for an extra […]

The Daily Habits of WINNERS

Hello, my friends. This article contains the daily habits for self preservation, productivity and winning. Whether you work 80 hour a week or 10 hours a week, you should make […]