How to be Good Looking

They say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover. Although that sounds nice in theory, in the real world, almost EVERYONE judges a book by its cover. They also say […]

Life Is Movement

“Life is Movement,” Eugen Sandow, an oldtime strongman, once said. Without movement, there is no life. Without movement, there is no momentum. Without momentum, there is no energy. Without energy, […]

Don’t be a Farm Animal

Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals go hand in hand. The food companies sell you bad foods such as grains, vegetable oils, sugars and soy. Then when the sickness and malnutrition catch up […]

Get Off Your Smartphone

I have 1 piece of advice for you. Throw your smartphone in the river and never look back. Why should you do this, you ask? Because the smartphone is holding […]

6 Ways To Live More Naturally

Almost everything about modern life will kill you. The air is polluted, the water is full of chemicals and the food is made in factories. Staring at screens kills our […]

30 Days of Discipline Review

There is one trait that every man must have. This trait is called DISCIPLINE. Discipline is what builds a mans confidence, will power and self-respect. Discipline is how a man […]

Money Is Not Real

Money isn’t real. It is simply a number on a screen, pieces of paper. Money is a man-made construct, simply an idea. It is an invention. It is made out […]

How to Control Your Own Mind

98 out of every 100 men will drift through life. 98 out of every 100 men will allow life to push them around. Life will happen to them. They will […]