Stop Living inside a BOX

You are not your job. You are not your car. You are not your bank account balance. You are not your house. You are an immortal spirit that has been […]

Stop Studying and Start Doing

Reading is fun and games. It’s nice to learn things. It’s nice to know all the fancy science behind everything. BUT study is not doing. Reading about something does not […]

Start a TRIBE

For the majority of human evolution we lived in small groups struggling to survive. Humans had to battle every day in order to survive, to find food and shelter. We […]

How to Reconnect To Nature

Modern man has disconnected from nature. Technology, smartphones and virtual entertainment remove you from reality. This bombardment of electronics and media propaganda has stolen mans instincts and is slowly killing […]

The Wealth Formula

Attaining great wealth is very simple. The creation of wealth can be explained with a very basic formula. Although it requires a lot of hard work, consistency and struggles to […]

The Sacred Gift

You only have 1 body and 1 mind. Many things will come and go throughout your life, but you cannot run away from yourself. No matter what you do, you […]

The True Meaning of Wealth

When most people think of wealth, they are thinking of money. They believe that money represents wealth. The reality is that money is simply pieces of fancy looking paper or […]

Build Muscle the Old School Way

Old School Bodybuilders in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s had tremendous physiques along with the strength to go with it. They learnt through trial and error what worked and what didn’t. […]